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Internal/External Rotators

Anybody ever fuck them up - have spasms/etc over last 2 days on right side. Rolled a car about 6 times Sunday and they’ve been bothering me since… I plan to crank iron (somehow) today despite this, anybody deal with this before?

yea, i feel for you bro. Had a bad case of tendonititis in my right rotator cuff from football (first scrimmage), destoried my ROM for a while. It bothered me on and off for teh whole season. Now i start every upper body session with some rotator work, Lying external rotations are the best exercise I think, but i still mix it up with cuban rotations and other movements. Hasn’t bother me since i started doing them.

I have difficulty with distinguishing good pain from bad pain in rotator cuff. Other tissues are easy to read. My form is less than optimal cos it is also hard to get into a comfy horizontal position doing them with a dumbbell (we dont have a decent cable tower) Has anyone found DOMS difficult to read in the shoulder. Mine is almost like an injury/ache, but otherwise i have no sensation from going lighter. Safety first from now on. Any tips or experiences. Am i heading for RSI?