Internal Chest Injury

The first thing I will say is that I’ve been to a doctor and it’s very unlikely that I am having any heart trouble. That was the first thing I wanted to get checked out.

I noticed a few weeks ago at night when sleeping on my side, with my shoulders hunched that I would sometimes wake up in the night with a stabbing pain in my chest (middle/left side). I had been lifting in the 1-3RM range for a couple weeks and perhaps this did something. I am assuming it is something structural like a tendon.

Anyway, I quit all chest work for a couple weeks to let the inflammation or whatever it is recover, and two days ago I did 3 sets of incline DB bench (12RM). The next morning the pain was back, but only for a very short time.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Any ideas for recovery?

Sounds like costochondritis.


It sounds like you might have put a rib out of place… I get this once in a while if I loosen up on a heavy squat or deadlift… one trip to a good chiropractor will at least let you know if that’s it…

the pain from a rib out can be just in the back, or because it’s such a quick nerve it can feel like it’s coming through your chest…

I second the trip to the chiro. I’d find one that does ART. I have personally had great results from ART therapy.

Do you always sleep on the same side, and with your shoulders hunched? Could be a tight pec minor.