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Intermittent Libido During Cycle and PCT

Hey there, I’m new to the forums but have been reading a lot of the posts and decided to sign up and ask a question concerning my wonky libido after my latest cycle

A little about me
40 years old
Been training since I was 17

I’ve done 3 injectable cycles in my life

27 I did a kicker of dbol then sustanon for 8 weeks I believe. Became the stay puffed marshmellow man on that cycle. Stupidly Didn’t do a pct yet no real side effects I noticed

34 I did tren and test. I’m not sure the doses. Nothing crazy for 8 weeks as well. Did a pct mainly consisting of nolvadex. Crazy side effects when on cycle. But after cycle pct etc didn’t go to bad

40 my latest cycle I started the summer running 40mgs of anavar for 3 months then decided to run a cycle for 11 weeks of 140mgs of test enth a week and 500mgs of masteron enth a week. After my last injection I waited 2 weeks and started nolvadex at 50mgs a day for a week then 25 mgs a day for the following 3 weeks. (The lab I got nolvadex from had 25mg pills for some reason) I’m in my last week.

Other than the injects I’ve done anavar only cycles sometimes at around 40mgs a day for 8 weeks just to give me a bit of an edge. I’m not someone who really cares about getting massive. Mostly lean and athletic.

So now that that’s out of the way I wanted to ask if anyone has had issues with intermittent libido. Sometimes my libido will be decent for a certain time of day then completely tank. It kinda sucks. I like knowing that I’ll be able to perform at a moments notice. Lately I’ll try and have sex with my gf but my dick will just die on me.

I’m wondering if I should be patient and wait a few weeks after my pct. I’m also worried I might have shut myself down too long by being on anavar for too long (if 40mgs can shut you down). Although I didn’t have any testicular atrophy from the anavar. I did notice it when I went on my injectable cycle. I also am prone to itchy nipples. Can that be a sign of high estrogen throughout the body? At the start of my cycle my libido was thru the roof then once my nipples got a tad itchy my libido became a bit more intermittent then once I got on pct it was non existent.

Tomorrow I have a call with my dr and I’m ordering blood work. Is it ok to do blood work on this last week of pct or should I wait?


Sorry for the lengthy post

It can, and running it solo would eventually drive your e2 down very low, which kills libido.

What’s the timeline here? When did you finish PCT and when did you finish your last Var-only run?

In June I was running the anavar solo than I decided to do the test enth and masteron in late September. I know that’s a long cycle of anavar I tend to start at 40 per day then use only 20 so I probably had 2 weeks of anavar at 20mgs per day at the start of my test and mast cycle and I ran the test and mast for 11 weeks. My last pin was December 7. This is my 4th week of nolva.

Ok gotcha, so you’ve been off for a while. I’d wait about 2-3 weeks after you finish the Nolva then get labs and see where you’re at

Thanks for the reply

Although you mentioned that I might have really low estrogen I’m kinda wondering why I had itchy sensitive nipples when I was running such a low dose of test enth with a high dose of masteron. I thought the masteron would help the test not convert to estrogen. Unless I’m super sensitive to estrogen. Can you still get sensitive nipples when your estrogen is low?

I’ll report back after I get blood work done. I might get it done soon because I’ve got a call with my dr today then get more blood work done in a month and a bit.

I did. Itchy nipples isn’t necessarily a sign of high e2, as most guys report feeling something in their nipples/chest when first starting. For some it goes away, others it gets worse. When you start getting actual pain in the nipples, and start to feel lumps growing, now you’re in gyno territory, but that’s still treatable with a SERM

Edit: as far as the low e2 comment I made, that was based on your Var solo use. Didn’t have the timeline of events at that point.

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Just don’t get it until the Nolva has cleared, otherwise you’ll get artificially elevated results that will likely go down once the Nolva is out. That’s why you wait 2-3 weeks after stopping it

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