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Intermittent HCG Use


Question for those who have used this technique while on cycle, or have an opinion on using this technique for limiting testicular atrophy during steroid therapy. When do you use it? How much? How often?

For example, say someone I know is doing this cycle:

Test E
1000mg Week 1
750mg Week 2-13

40mg ED Week 1-6

Tren Acetate
100mg EOD Weeks 7-15

Letro at .625mg ED
PCT Clomid/Nolva Weeks 16-18
Drop Letro to .625mg EOD during PCT

Where would this person include the HCG? Should it still be used as part of the PCT protocol if it was used throughout the cycle? At what dose? When? Also, please feel free to critique this cycle.



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Search before you post, there have been two of what I would think clear PCT post about this. One is from P22 and the other is AR. If you read through these two post you will see that they do disagree a bit on their methods, but I feel both are more then capable of getting the job done. Since I am a bit board and have beat off to my newly acquired porn from lime wire, twice. I have posted them at them bottom.


P22 PCT: With direct comments about the HCG thing.


Wow, after reading all that, you found a "clear PCT post"?? I appreciate the links and I enjoy reading both P-22 and AR, but that was primarily an argument about tapering testosterone as part of PCT. My question concerns using HCG throughout the cycle IN ADDITION to using it in PCT. I would like to hear from some people that have used HCG while "on", and what effect that has had with maintaining testicular size.

I understand that P22 doesn't like HCG use period, and I understand how AR feels about it as well, but are they the only two people worth hearing? Reading that thread hardly answered my questions, and I also wouldn't mind some feedback on the cycle I proposed.


Well let me just quote what P22 has written about HCG use.

?HCG is suppressive. Its use is to maintain testicular size and function while on cycle. Using it only post cycle is like letting the horses out of the barn then going out into the field to chase them. Instead keep the horses locked up in the barn and administer it sat, and sun from end of week 3 untill the end of your cycle. This will make any post cycle hcg use unneccessary, which will decrease the length of suppression, and negate any testicular atrophy during the cycle (which can cause permament tissue remodeling of testicular cells to fibrin).P-22?

But like I said before search before you post. It has saved me from posting countless questions. Try HCG I think that would have work. I hope this will help you out.



Note apparent invalidity of the argument from the outset:

  1. HCG is Suppressive
  2. It's use is to maintain function

Either it is suppressive, or it can maintain testicular function.

It can not both be suppressive, and at the same time maintain testicular function. This is a tautological truth.


So AR, what's your bottom line opinion on my original question - should hcg be used during cycle to maintain testicular size? If so, how often, and at what dosage?

Going one step further, if one were to use hcg during a cycle, does hcg have any place in pct? What if one did NOT use hcg during a cycle, can it be used in pct in that case?