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Intermittent Fasting?


Just heard of it from TMW on youtube about a week ago, is it a good way to diet. Is it a good way to bulk and stay as lean as possible at the same time ?


as before recently, google "John Berardi IF e-book"


Yer Im also interested in how this works(I dont do e-books).

Although I dont know if I could do it... I cant go without food for more than a 2-3 hours.



Berardi's ebook is free, and very informative.




WTF is with the Birds avi??


What does "I don't do ebooks" mean anyway? The thing reads like a tabbed webpage anyway. Do you "do" websites?



Do you "not do" search engines?


Definitely good for getting lean and maintaining leanness. Not yet sure about muscle gain but I think so.

Download the e-book, print it out, bind it if you want. That way you get an actual book (as opposed to an e-book).



I dropped from 188 to 175 in a short amount of time (don't remember exactly how many weeks or days) then I restarted it a few weeks ago and now i'm at 171 I did this to get to 10% BF without being too strict on my foods. Like you, I also had trouble going without food for more than 3 hours but I realised that it is not that hard to do I can go 16 to 18 hours without food and it doesn't bother me at all. You should give it a test drive for at least 8-12 weeks and see how it works for you. Also, I would recommend to check Martin's blog. (Sorry for my english)


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Yeah, that's the winner for silliest thing I've heard in months.

Bird - granted, you will need an e-reader (ie. Kindle, Ipad, Mac, PC, the exact one with which you're viewing this page, etc) to view e-books.

But it's pretty worthwhile investment (as you no doubt know by now).



I got Kindle on my phone and have read 15-20 books in that manner. Extremely convenient .


how many threads are going to be started pertaining to IF'ing... haysoos crisco


Calories in...calories out. So yes it works. Anything works as long as at the end of the day your macro nutrient profile matches up with your goals.


haha, I came on here to ask exactly the same question. I was wondering if changing the feeding hour from 8-10 or something would help with being able to eat enough calories? have people done it?


How do you have trouble eating enough calories? Never understood this.


Yup, human body is simple as that, hormones have no bearing on the matter.

Snackwell's for me


You're probably a chicken and rice slave as well


eating enough throughout a day isnt that big a deal, eating enough in a tiny little window MAY be.