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Intermittent Fasting


Been following this for quite a few months now and have had great results, both with strength gains and body comp. Has anyone else done this and benefited from it? What are your thoughts?


I have been using it and also seeing great results.

I feel like the periodic fast primes the body to better use nutrients when they become available, whereas constant feeding dulls the response. (beyond just a mechanism of insulin sensitivity)


Yeah, it makes sense. Insulin sensitivity definitely increases with IF, which is good.


when i started IF'ing about a year ago i found that when i switched from gaining phases to fatloss phases my lifts kept going up whilst my weight n BF went down . i put this down to improved nutrient partitioning .
what i do is gain for 2 months then switch to fatloss phase for 2 months , i only go with a slight excess and deficit not extreme ( about 700 cals above maint).
though this type of cycle may not be ideal its the only way i can do it as ive always had a problem with eating big so after 2 months at about 3500 cal a day the thought of eating makes me gag , sad i know but its a problem ive had for years .


I completely agree with the above. I've been following (roughly) the leangains style IF for over a year. Better body comp, lifts keep going up, less hassle. No complaints from me. I'm not going back to being Tupperware guy any time soon.


I haven't tried it much myself, but saw this positive study on fasting and training.

"Training while fasting burns more fat, drops blood sugar less & gives better metabolic response than carb loading"



Does anyone have any kind of progress photos from their personal experiences? I only ask because I've never seen someone that I consider developed using this strategy to obtain an impressive physique. I can understand it's application during a diet or "maintenance" but that's where it seems to end. Just curious, not trying to be a dick.


i think gaining with IF'ing for the bigger guys ( 200+) would be very hard . for me its ok as when gaining im on about 3500 ( 1100/1200 per meal). i'm not big 179 at about 10% bf ( started about 125) .
imo its just so much easier than 6 or so meals a day , thats the main reason l like it .


While this strategy may not lend itself to "big by-any-means" impressive, it can certainly lead to impressive leanness/conditioning.

Not that anyone has ever suggested the former...