Intermittent Fasting While Working Different Day/Night Shifts?

Hey christian,

i want to start doing intermitent fasting eating 2 meals on a 2-3 hours block.

  1. Sometimes i work at 16 PM, Sometimes at 8 AM. Should i still fast at the same hours of the day lets say first meal at 5 and second at 7 if i trained at 10 am because i work on night. or i should eat the 2 hours next to my workout if i work at night and don’t eat till the next day ?

  2. Is there any side effects working out in the morning fast and just eating at 5 pm after that ? ( i can use glycine )

  3. is there any interaction with the fasting if i use my supplement like Vit D, Omega 3, Glycine, Mag and Zinc while fasting ?

thanks sir for your time !