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Intermittent Fasting & Strength Training

Does anyone here do IF? How is it working for you? Are you maintaining/getting stronger in your workouts even with IF?

I’m not concerned about increasing muscle size. I’m focused on general strength & conditioning and would like to know if IF is compatible with training.

I workout fasted early in the morning but with IF it would mean delaying breakfast till at least noon. Would that have an adverse impact on my training?

Would be really interested to hear about your experiences

I’m on IF since august and during this period I had my best strenght and mass gains ever. I wake up at 06:00 AM, go to work, 01:00 PM workout, 02:00-02:30 first meal of the day, 06:00 shake with protein powder and fruits, 10:00 dinner. I only have a coffee and creatine pre-workout. I’m never hungry, my insuline sensitivity is very good and having 3 big and good meals is definitively much more satisfying than 6 or 7 little meals. In the first days is a little hard to resist to the morning fast; better to find something to do (I had no problems due to my job). Maybe you can workout in the noon and after it you can have your first meal, or if it’s too late you can have a small meal before the workout… You decide! IF is a very flessible protocol, the important thing is to shuttle your biggest meal of the day right after workout. Good luck, mate!

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Thanks @raoh1990. I can only workout first thing in the morning before work. Around 6am. Will eating around noon be a problem? Do I have to eat soon after I workout?

How do I get round this?

There is no problem if you eat at the noon and workout in the early morning. I eat right after workout because this fits my schedule very well. The important things are the 16/8 (leangains) protocol and almost all calories after (even 7-8 hours) working out.

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Thanks @raoh1990. This is very helpful. I’m much fitter and stronger than I used to be but there are two things I want to nail which I haven’t yet which I think IF might help me with.

I’m still trying to reduce a little more stubborn fat round my waist. And I want to feel a bit more perkier/alert. I tend to over eat a little. Counting calories is a pain. This method looks simpler.

I’m gonna give this a shot.

Thanks again for your help

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One last tip: you can apply a simple carb cycling to IF. On training day you can down lots of carbs from starchy foods, on rest days your carb intake should come only from veggies. Raise a little your (good) fats intake on off days.

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coffee and creatine mixed its not good ! cafeine kill the creatine effects

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I have my coffee 2 hours before creatine :wink:

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thats perfect then :slight_smile:


I am 24. days in IF mode and I am happy. I loses weight on average 1.5 kg per week. Fortunately, the strength does not drop, but rather grows. I only feel less energy, which is normal in IF mode.

My IF system is for six days and the seventh day is a cheat day.

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I had not considered cheat days @gaelic. Maybe it would be a good idea to include one or two. As a release valve

You must have a cheat day in IF mode, or you “die” in strength training. :smiley: An occasional cheat day is a very effective variable for psychological harmony.

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cheat ‘‘meal’’ not day please…do not abuse the good things !

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No, just no.

Berardi has talked a lot about this. Please check what you regurgitate.

What you are referring to is hydration levels that both product fight to control.

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Who cares? :slight_smile: This is just a terminological pun.

Cheat day is in IF mode (almost) better than an orgasm. :slight_smile:


Any eating plan where you think you’ll need 1-2 cheat days every week is a poorly designed plan and not one built for serious long-term progress.

We had a thread earlier in the year about eating twice a day. Some good info there, including Doubleduce talking about how he eats once a day. Pretty sure he trains mostly for strength and stays lean.

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