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Intermittent Fasting Research Advice

hey i have been helping my cousin with his training and its time for him to cut. i’m thinking about letting him try intermittent fasting as i have seen some good vids on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhI4_JQJ1BU&list=PLAB97BC63608C6BBF ) and it seems pretty amazing. i will also probably try it myself when it comes to that cutting time =) (although ive seen u can use it or bulking)

so alls i am asking for is some good links for me to do some research, saving me reading a lot of stuff what is rubbish. so far i have leangains to look at and some more of the youtube vids

also if you dont mind just post some comments on your opinion of intermittent fasting which i will show my cuz what people say about it

cheers kieran

The leangains site is pretty much where it’s at. Alot of it is going to be self exploration.
John Beradi has written a few things about it, he has a downloaded ebook on the subject as well.
I don’t always agree with the hodge twins but a good 75% of what they say I agree with, they can be pretty funny tho. “Rock it like gandma”

sorry mate i thought i replied to this, yeah bro i have spent alot of time looking on leangains it is really good =)

Marks Daily Apple did a series of articles on the benefits of fasting. It examines fasting from a health and longevity point of view, so it’s not so much about getting ripped or whatever, but it’s a very good series.