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Intermittent Fasting, Need Tweaks


I've been trying out IF for a couple of weeks now, with the holiday period it sort of went stop start but before that I did only see improvements in lifting so I'm happy to really crack on with it now, although I feel my diet could do with some improvement/tweaks if anyone could advise.

25 yo

Diet: 16/8 - 12pm - 8pm

Wake: 7am coffee/BCAA's/multi vits/yohimbine/fish oil
12pm: 2 chicken breast + 1/4 cup rice / yohimbine
3:30pm (pre wo): 3 hard boiled eggs, lettuce / fish oil / BCAA's / multi vit / shake
4:30pm TRAIN
5:30-5:45: PWO Shake
7pm: Jacket potato w/ either tuna + coleslaw or baked beans/cheese, steak or chicken breast. Or possibly a Nando's whole chicken with either ceaser salad or chips/coleslaw.
(Dinner can be a little dirty food wise to try get the carbs/calories in)

I'm gonna start adding some low intensity cardio after lifting again (haven't done it for a few months) to help move things along, but diet wise is there enough in there? I'm looking to cut around the gut again and after doing the Low Carb/Carb Cycling approach last year which worked reasonably well (through trial and error)I want to give IF a crack cuz of the easier lifestyle it offers.

Any improvements/tweaks would really help, saves me the trial and error period again lol. cheers.


Where is the rest of your food?

You are not eating enough and you want to add cardio?

What WO program are you using?

By the sounds of it, you need to add muscle before "cutting". Maybe you should be more honest with yourself...or post a pic!

IF is great for some people, but I don't think you read the whole thing.



this is a pic from last summer (sorry i don't really take pics) since then I've sort of just gone off carb cycling and enjoyed the holiday period a bit too much.

Workout wise, I don't think there's any actual program to it (if there is I dunno the name lol). I do 5 day splits, heavy set compounds then some secondary exercises with lighter weights and some super sets too.
EG for chest:
BB Bench 5x 1-3
Incline: 4x 10-12
Wide grip dips: 4x12-15

Something like that.

Any help on how to improve the diet here would be great mate.


Back in May, you were the same.

You have made 0 improvement in 7 months.

You need to eat and lift heavy. Do IF if you want, but get some calories in.

Read the stickies in the beginner section.


After reading your past post and looking at your pic, I call troll.

Go away.




From adding up the calories roughly in my head, you can't be eating much more than 1500 a day?



Holy crap.

When I was trying to gain the most size, I ate more than that by 10am.


First off if you are cutting with this diet Id drop any ideas of Cardio.

Shift your 12pm and 3:30pm meals around.

What is in your 3:30 and PWO shakes?

Prioritise red meat for your dinners. Chicken secondly and tuna seldom if at all.

Try it and gauge effectiveness by feel. If your training start to suffer add more calories. If you weight loss stalls first try adding more calories before reducing further.

If you want to gain after this you are probably going to have to increase calories in your first 2 meals and then add an extra hour or 2 to your feeding window at night to fit in an extra solid meal.


The Pre/Post shakes are just Reflex Whey.... Should they be high carb shakes instead?

Training wise I haven't suffered too much with this diet thus far, but I am thinking of adding calories as the total is somewhere along the lines of 2,100. My maintenence I've worked out is roughly 2,700 so would bumping to 2,400/500 be better?
Where I'm struggling is keeping fat content low in meals while trying to fit in calories with protein/carb. Would just eat what u can get your hands on be good advice?

Also, out of curiosity why should I ditch cardio?



You may want to re-read Martin's principles in regards to leangains IF judging by your response. It sounds like you havent learned enough about this before jumping on the bandwagon. Head over to Leangains website and read the leangains guide and some of his articles.

He has his opinions on Cardio and I agree with him. This type of diet is setup so you dont need Cardio. If you have to do Cardio to burn off fat your diet just sucks!

Also you shouldnt be trying to limit Fat intake. Leangains is also a type of Carb Cycling. You need a decent amount of fat on off days from training.


Dude, there is a retarded-high number of threads, articles, etc. on IF. Go find John Berardi's PDF guide. it's too simple to be asking a question like this...