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Intermittent Fasting-Mess Up?


There's a ton on IF in these forums but I couldn't find an answer digging through the thousands posts so sorry if I repeating something.

I've started IF this week but with work from 730am-6pm M-F I designated my eating window between 12pm -6pm. I normally work out at 8pm. But when I return I immediately have a protein shake and some small carbohydrate snack. Even though I eat only between 12pm-6pm, I still think post workout eating is important.

Just wondering if this "restarts" the fast or might alter results.

Again direct me if this was already addressed


It does..and did you read LeanGains guide..the whole point is that the feast window starts AFTER your training. Move that shit up man.. for me this originally meant from 3:30pm-11:30pm was my window. I'd eat a small preworkout protein based meal approx 200kcal at 3:30pm to break the fast..and train about two hours later..so around 5:30pm-6:30pm I'd be training. Then I'd start my real feasting with about a 1200 calorie meal PWO ...and then another 1000cals spread until 11:30pm when I'd stop.

Now..my window is still 3:30pm-11:30pm, but I tend to let my fasts run a bit longer from time to time..and instead of a preworkout meal, I will simply consume BCAAs about 15 minutes before training and start to eat PWO. I think the further a person can push the window up the better..def past noon in my opinion..here's my broscience reasoning:
1. You go about activity fasted for longer periods of time...because typically you are more active during the day. So for me..if I get up at 8am-10am w.e...I'll be walking around, working a physical job..doing shit until atleast 3:30pm and somedays I'll extend this fast upwards of around 8p.m. on non-training days.
2. This allows you to eat a lot of food later on ..and this is when I crave food the most so it works perfectly for me. I can go to sleep full and satisfied because I don't stop eating until around 11:30pm.

In regards to number 1...yes you still go 16 hours fasted regardless..but if the feeding window is initiated until later in the day you tend to have do daily activities in a faster state..and in my broscience opinion, take better advantage of the physiological responses of being fasted.

I dunno how you established your window...but it's seems like you didn't read at all..the whole point..everything it's based around is eating the vast majority of your calories PWO..not feeding all day until 6pm then training then eating a pwo shake..that doesn't make sense logically. That just looks like the typical Americans three meal a day routine with a pwo shake for desert..I dunno.


Depends on what sort of "results" you are looking for. As long as your calories and macros are in line, you're results will probably be pretty much the same. But to answer your question bluntly, technically you are breaking the fast and therefore not doing LG.


No - not the whole point.