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Intermittent Fasting/Carb Back-Loading

is anyone doing either of these??

yuuup. I’ve been doing carb back-loading for a while now and it is THE BEST nutritional method i have ever used in my life. It’s makes my life sooooo simple while still giving me amazing results. I wake up, no breakfast, then no carbs all day (i make some damn good low-carb meals), train, then i switch it where i eat very little protein, minimal to no fats and a ton of rice, pasta, watever at dinner, then cookies, ice cream, cinnamon buns, etc. for dessert. I wake up the next morning sometimes feeling a little bloated but most times feeling and looking ripped. Then it starts all over again the next day.

If you read all of John Kiefer’s stuff and learn about the concept of our bodies being INTOLERANT of carbs first thing in the morning and during the day and then how we are more tolerant of carbs in the evening after training, you will really feel like an idiot for having a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries every morning. I know I did.

yeah i’ve been doing intermittent fasting (20/4) for about a month already and recently read kiefer’s book. it sparked an interest, but i just feel like i need some extra coaching since it doesn’t go in depth for women.

i train around 4 or 6 pm. the carbs i eat during the day are veggies, right? or do i just stay away from it completely? (i don’t have the book in front of me and i need to reread it a second time). also, he said that females shouldn’t pig out nearly as much as men, but it sounds like you’re having a very enjoyable feast and getting results and i want in! haha

Would like more info on this as well!

Veggies are your friend. Anything green is a go. As far as carb back-loading for women goes, we definitely can’t go full out like the men. We don’t have the lean muscle mass to pull it off. Kiefer suggests women avoid any carbs (except green veggies) til supper time and maybe a bit of desert. The free for all nanasarieh goes on would be overkill and most likely make a woman GAIN weight.

ya, I’m hella fat. Haha, naw, I was just giving a list of things you could eat during the back-load portion of the day. I’ve used cbl during powerlifting, strongman and I’m currently using it as I train for tackle football and it helps me maintain the aesthetic look I’m going for as well as the performance I’m demanding of my body.

have you tried intermittent fasting prior to cbl? or did you just go for cbl? i’d like to know who has done both and what pros/cons they saw.

I’ve never done intermittent fasting. Before cbl, I did carb nite, also by keifer and that gave me insane results. The thing is, I couldn’t stay it on while doing anything sports related that demanded a lot out of me, so I switched over to cbl. I feel like people are going to get annoyed (if they aren’t already) when people like me respond to a thread and give a quick summary of their experience with a diet and then say ‘go read the material’, but really that’s what folks need to do. Read carb nite and cbl and you’ll understand the science behind why they work. I can’t sit here and type out whats already been documented by a physicist because you’re too lazy to go read it.

Keifer also takes the time on his website to explain why cbl is intermittent fasting evolved. Read that too. I like both carb nite and cbl because keifer’s extensive studies into the science behind them proves that they work. And then when I tried them, they actually, almost counter-intuitively worked.

If you are already pretty lean and you are eating oatmeal or granola first thing in the morning, these diets will take you to the next level. Pros: both diets leave you really satisfied, incredibly shredded and you have a ton of energy all the time. Cons: non so far.

I actually already read CBL… Twice. I’m not asking for you to tell me what it is, just simply wondering how you’re doing with it. I’ve done my research on IF and CBL and I’m just curious to see who likes which more and for what reasons. I’ve been doing IF for about a month already and I have yet to see my 6 pack form. I’m gonna give it around 4 months because physiologically it takes about that long for the cells to flip over and for it to become a natural habit for my body. If I don’t see any changes I’m gonna start CBL.

I’m glad you haven’t seen any cons yet and I appreciate your feedback. I hope in a few months you can continue to say the same!

I’ve been IFing for over a year, enjoy this eating style and don’t plan to change. I fast from 7 p.m. - noon or 1 p.m. My main meal is in the evening. I’m also interested in Carb Backloading. Here’s my question:
I train fasted early, 6:30 a.m. Basic heavy weights 3-4x/week & some KB and cardio on other days.
I do take BCAA during training and a 24g whey shake with metamucil an hour or so post training.
So will I get the benefits of carb backloading if I eat plenty of carbs in the evening meal?

Love the 16-hour IF discussed in several threads here. It is the most convenient food plan I’ve ever done (great for busy folks). Of course, what and how much one eats matters a lot more that the partitioning.

I do not strength train fasted. (but would do cardio fasted) I’d get crushed deadlifting, squatting, or doing heavy presses and chins with nothing in my gut. So I eat one small meal 2 hours prior.

EDIT: Whoops!!! Didn’t realize this was in “Powerful Women.” Moving my question to “Supplements and Nutrition.”

I am not a woman, But I have Female friends who are doing the IF/CBL Combo (as am I) and they are loving it. I even have a friend, and she doesnt even lift/gym. Shes jus’ a single mumma who works to support her 2 littles, and she IF/CBL’s. Even she is getting fantastic results! She doesnt go off the wall, just enjoys carbs with her dinner.

Also the women who do lift, seem to not be able handle many fats with their CBL very well. Most keep their fats to 10g or below when they load… Hope this helps! :slight_smile: