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Intermittent Fasting As Part of A Wider Fat Loss Plan

Coach Thib or others;

I’d like to ask your advice about intermittent fasting. I’m interesting if there would be any benefit / issues around adding fasting to my fat loss plans in the future.

Back ground,

I’m 6 foot tall, 103kg, I’m about 30-35% body fat.

My target is to look better. So I’m guessing I want to be about 12-17% BF. That’s 15-20kg to lose.

Since late December I’ve upped my exercise levels and I now eat a strict diet.

Its working. I’m losing 1kg (ish) a week. And I still feel energetic enough to work out hard and recover.

Daily cals – 2200 ish, daily protein – 200g. I do not know my carb/fat intake but its moderate with rice, potatoes, nuts and olive oil all in there. As the diet is 6 days of exactly the same thing – it VERY easy to control total calories in.

I currently exercise 6 days a week doing 5/3/1, HIIT, rugby (one game a week) and competitive judo. So I don’t think there is scope to use my one day off a week for fasting. I think its best to keep the food in there for recovery. However I only play rugby 3 times every 5 weeks. So almost half the time, not only am I exercising just 5 days a week – but the biggest energy expenditure (a full 80min game) is missing. It is on these days I feel I could fast. Do you have any views on this?
Specifically my questions are:
Would I get much/any benefit from this sporadic fasting structure?
Should I carry on as normal all the while I’m losing weight and keep fasting in reserve for the inevitable stall?
Will fasting cause any issues whilst working out very hard 5 days a week, in calorie deficit? Will it be too much of a push and cause a burn out?

Second question if I can be so bold:

The rugby season is only 12 weeks away from finishing. And I estimate my fat loss will carry for 25 - 35 weeks depending on other factors.
When the off season starts – I feel like I’m going to need to respond very quickly with reduced calories. Maybe 250-300 a day reduction or introduce a days fasting.
Do you think a quick / decisive move would be “wise”? Or should I wait and see what happens? I see the logic in both – but have no experience in managing this situation.

I appreciate lots of these questions have to do with situations that have not actually happened. But diet is the thing I’ve been poor with over the years. And I want to make sure I have plans in place to make this work this time.

Thank you for your replies.

Then don’t change anything. ~2 lbs (or 1 kg) a week for the last month is good progress, and it’s not impacting your well being. Once this stalls, then try something else.

Impossible to say for you, but for me, “yes, yes, and yes”.

Yeah it’s this I’m trying to plan for. I know it’s coming. I want to be ready for it. I think I could use If.

I though this might be the case.

Yeah like Antiquity said if it works don’t change it. I’m 6"1 and I went from 108kgs 30% fat to 80 kgs without much trouble, I just had to be patient. I suggest you do the same and don’t resort to drastic measures for you most likely don’t need them and it could have the opposite effect on your health/performance. As an athlete I think you shouldn’t fast or at least until you’re lean