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Intermittent Fasting and Weight Training, with Cardio?

Hi all, I’ve been experimenting with IF and cardio (fasted) in the mornings and have now started to incorporate weight training. However, after the cardio, the weights kick my ass. I’m wondering if anyone here does fasted training in the mornings. Maybe I should invest in some BCAAs or something for energy before doing the weight training?

I think it’s a better choice to do cardio after weights. I had your same experience and I’ve found that cardio before weights drains my energy and kills my performance. I’m on IF and I train fasted too.

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Okay, thank you. This makes sense, I’ll try this approach.

I dont think that a shake of BCAA will increase your energy that much…

mTOR, Mamallian Target of Rapamycin

Resistance train turn on mTOR. mTOR turns on the anabolic muscle building process.

AMP-K, Activated Protein Kinase

Endurance type of cardio turn on AMP-K which increases fat burning.

However in doing so, it shuts down mTOR and/or dramatically dampens it. It negates the anabolic effects elicited with the prior resistance training session.

Alternative Cardio Methods

  1. Preform cardio along, later or earlier on the same day.

  2. Perform cardio on an off day.

  3. Perform High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) after your resistance training. HIIT fall more into the resistance training category.

The paradox of HIIT is that it is both anaerobic and aerobic.

Kenny Croxdale

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I see, okay. I will look up HIIT on a stationary bike (my mode of cardio). I can do that on my off days, as you suggest. Thank you again.

Thank you for all your precious info.

High Intensity Interval Training

Due to the fact that it is so demanding, especially when combined with resistance training, it needs to be limited to about three (3) training session a week.

The physical demand of pushing yourself to the limit during a HIIT Session is tough. The mental demands of forcing yourself to push yourself that can be even harder, grinding through that pain.

There are a multitude of HIIT Program. So, you can pick the one that suits you.

With that said, I am a fan of this three (3) minute HIIT Session.

How To Get Fit With 3 Minutes Of Exercise A Week: BBC Doc Tries "HIT"

Initially, I was skeptical. However, this short HIIT Method is very effective. Once you perform it, you understand.

It was devised by Dr Jamie Timmons (PhD Exercise Physiology) based on his research. You can find his written research and podcast of his lectures on this.

Supra Maxiamal High Intensity Training. SMIT

Timmons method falls into the category of SMIT.

SMIT is defined as out out sprint followed by long rest periods between the sprint.

Rest Periods

Rest periods involve walking around after a Track Sprint or riding you bike slow after a Bike Sprint.

Longer rest period ensure that greater power is produced in the following sprints. That allows almost complete ATP (Adinosine Triphosphate) restoration to the muscles. ATP is the “Gas” that needed for explosive power.

Low ATP Restoration = Less Power Output.

High ATP Restoration = Greater Power Output

The Three (3) Minute Program

From start to finish, with Rest Periods, the program is seven (7) minutes.

This his how it works in a “Nut Shell”…

  1. Set 1 Sprint ; 20 second all out sprint.

  2. Rest Period: Two (2) minutes of rest.

  3. Set 2 Sprint ; 20 second all out sprint.

  4. Rest Period: Two (2) minutes of rest.

  5. Set 3 Sprint ; 20 second all out sprint.

  6. End of HIIT Session.

Lab Video Demonstration of Three (3) Minute HIIT

The video is 2:27 minutes. It is part of a BBC Documentary.

Kenny Croxdale

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