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Intermittent Fasting and Insulin Spikes


some say that eating in a 6 hours windows will enhance fat loss. and make you feel full most of the day and full of energy, now i like the idea , but how valid it is.

i mean high insulin levels is bad as it induces fat storage, so eating a a couple of huge meals in this 6 hour window will spike our insulin thus messing our metabolism and everything up.

so how is this diet a good one?


You're talking about eating for only 6 hours a day and fasting the rest?

I don't know much about insulin levels, but my experience with fasting is it's not bad and you feel fine. This is for a full day of fasting though. It just 'sucks' the first time or two you try fasting, after that it's just a breeze.

Maybe it works because the reduced time limits the amount of calories you can take in...?

If you can find one, ask a Muslim athlete about how they feel/change during Ramadan cause they only eat at night and the morning. Otherwise just give it a shot a see if it works


Long story short, is that small periods of elevated insulin levels (so in this case 6 hours) is better then having insulin chronically elevated through out the day from multiple meals.

There are other ways to control insulin then just fasting, FTR.


Hye, well i never felt energetic while on IF , alwys feel tired and low energy.

and am talking out of experience as am a muslim athlete :slight_smile: