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Intermittent Fasting and BCAAs?


Considering some intermittent fasting b/c it seems to be pretty popular on here, and I watched something on it and it claimed it helps to detox the body (Uri Haufmekler, or something similar).

My question, The guys who do it, do you use BCAA's in the morning or no?

If so, how much are you taking, and how often are you doing this?


Why would you not take BCAAs while IF'ing? It's hardly any calories if any and it could only help.


IDK, i dont know enough about (IF), my fault for not looking it up more thoroughly before posting, but For health perspectives it my have doing to do with introducing any kind of nutrient to the system and altering hormone levels (I remember hearing even BCAA's cause small rises in insulin, cut-off/alter HGH levels, etc), be doing this maybe negate the benefit of detoxing, idk.

I think if I do try (IF) I will most definitively use BCAA's, I'm just trying to get a feel for the whole idea...Previously the idea of skipping or holding off breakfast would seem very counterproductive to me for muscle and/or body comp.

So to ask more directly, how much do you take when you do it?


ALol I don't think you are suppose to. The only time I read about it on the leangains protocol is before a fasted workout since a true fasted workout wouldn't be ideal.

I've been doing a 15 hour fast with a 9 hour food window for the past 5 days so far just to see how it would affect me and my lifting. All I can say is I doesn't seem to have hurt my lifting and there have been no changes in body composition or measurements or my workouts so far in this short amount of time and I didn't expect to lose any bf anyways because I've been eating 4000 cals a day, which by the way is fucking hell trying to eat in 9 hours. Seriously it hurts eating that much food in a short amount of time.


Lol yea that does kind of shitty. I currently carb cycle so when I do my refeed I usually wait til later in the day and then eat the bulk of my calories and its fun at first, but then it all hits you. I still have fun with it though.


I'll occasionally do a 24-36 hour IF like a pulse fast, using BCAAs instead of MAG-10. That's a lot of BCAAs. They're not as good as MAG-10, but I'm happy with the results. I wouldn't worry about the BCAAs.


Man... I don't really think IF'ing is for you, in total honesty.


I think I agree.