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Intermittent Fasting 5/2 and Getting Lean?


I’ve decided to pop in here and take a look around to see if anyone could pass a little wisdom my way. I’ve been trying to diet down to 10% BF or less and have just started IF, which I have toyed with in the past but never seriously.

My stats so far;
39 y/o
Between 12 and 14% BF currently and I have been training for years and years.
My TDEE is about 2700 cals/day (found it through calculations and tracking).
Current diet is very clean, 30/25/45 PFC, and I am tracking calories religiously.
I am on TRT @ 100mg test e / week
Lifting 4x /week (3x 6-8 reps each exercise)(upper, lower split)
20 min cardio 4x /week

Currently, I’d like to spend the month leaning out, with a goal of losing about 1kg of BF per week. Problem is that from what I understand that would put me in a deficit of about 7000 cals a week.

I’ve been working on reducing my calories slowly and am using IF at 16:8 right now.
I’d like to try IF with 5/2.

Some questions;

  1. Are my goals too drastic?
  2. Should I be eating at maintenance on my fed days with 5/2 to avoid having a continuous deficit? Or cycle calories in order to reach -7000 calories in a week (eating maintenance, deficit, then fasting- repeat)?
  3. What would YOU do?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

1kg of body fat a week? Good luck with that mate :joy:

One meal a day is leaning out on cheat mode man.

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