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Intermittent Fasting 18/6 - Questions


I am 47, 5’11+ and 187 waking up raw. 15% bf. I really want to get to 8% bf this year. I have never been that lean but if not now, when? I have to do this.

I do a basic three day split. Mon Chest,delts,tris, Wed Legs and Friday Back and Bis. I usually do 2 to 3 exercises per each body part, 5 sets of 5 to 8 with 20 rep downsets. 2 to 3 min rests between sets. I do no cardio. My life is very sedentary other than that unless Im working on a project in the garage.

Ive been reading John Berardis write up on the different ones. Warrior 20/4, Leangains 16/8 and then the one he does. On leangains and Berardi they say to eat carbs dominant meals on workout days and fats dominant meals on non workout days and keep protein the same on a all days. Im eating about 200gms protein and 2500 cals in two meals.

This is my second day. Counting macros and calories is no problem for me and planning and preparing meals is fine. I was doing Dan Duchaine Isocaloric diet for the last 13 days but then starting thinking about different ideas for fat loss and discovered that someone has already invented this intermittent fasting system.

The idea of not having to eat so often is appealing to me as well as eating big and not being hungry after eating. I like the idea of eating before bed because it makes me sleepy. Its nice not having to eat until later in the day, 5pm so I can get stuff done without being interrupted with meals. I have read so many testimonials on different trainer websites but I want to know if this actually works from guys on here who have actually tried it.

Any advice or experiences you can share would be great. Thanks.


I did 18/6 for a while and it was pretty good.


Did you get ripped on it? Any bad side effects?


haha no, I lost about 10 pounds. BUT then I got tendinitis from a desk job. I loved it while I did it, you feel great after the first or two. But in the start not eating sucks. lol I woke up at like 5am…so thats a long time.


I feel great in the morning. Hungry and alert and full of energy. After I eat my big meal at 2pm, I get very tired and its even hard to finish and chew all the food, raise my arms to feed myself with the fork. After the meal I just want to lay down. Gradually I start feeling better until I feel great again right before the next meal, then same thing. Im eating about 2500 cal on off days. Tomorrow will be the first workout day where I train fasted and then pig out with 1000 cals post workout. So far I havent noticed any reduction in body fat, its been what 4 days but still I should see some difference. Maybe I should bring my off days cals down to 2000 and just protein and fats and fibrous carbs. Then workout days unleash the carbs to reload.


I have been doing it for about a month an a half and I really enjoy this way of eating, caffeine in the morning really helps and makes you feel better through out the day. I don’t drink coffee so I take a prework out before i train with some bcaas and thats enough to keep me going but I do train in the morning.

I really like it but it is hard to stick to at this time of year with all the Christmas parties and things like that but apart from that I am a big fan.

One thing I have started doing is having a shake after my work out with some fruit then about 30min later having a large meal with carbs I feel fuller for longer doing this.


I intermittent fast most days. Usually have my first meal at 11:30am, and my last meal after training at about 7:30pm.

Its a good tool, as it makes things easier to plan my meals and I am more satisfied after each of my 3 meals, with my last meal being the biggest. I also enjoy the energy boost and freedom I feel in the mornings.

Saying that its still just a tool. Your success in losing the fat and building some muscle is going to be largely dependant on what you eat and what you do in the gym.



Thanks guys. Today was the first day working out in fasted state.I went 16 hours then did chest, shouders and tris. I felt amazing. The energy and clarity and pump were unbelievable. I will never go back to puffy, foggy eat all day long. Strength was about the same as normal. Then Iwent home and ate 900 cals,70 grams prot from whey.

That meal went down like nothing in minutes. Pasta, tomato sauce and whey in water.
The second meal Im still working on as we speak. 900 cals of red potatoes, chicken breast, frozen veggies, tomato. Since today is a workout day I went low fat high carb and its quite a lot of food. So that part is not fun today. Not hungry right now but have to get 2500 down. after this meal I will need another 600 at 9:30 before the window closes at 10pm


So far my results are that I am looking leaner, especially in the morning and I noticed the fat on my abs feels less dense,softer and the skin fold is smaller. I think Im on the right track. I fit into 32 waist jeans today. My weight was an even 185 this morning and strength is staying steady in all lifts. Im starting to feel optimistic and maybe in 6 weeks I will be remarkably shredded. I feel warm much of the time. Im hoping its some kind of thermogenic effect.I take no BCAAs or thermogennic aids at this time and no hormones. I guess I started on Christmas day so thats about 9 days I guess. 2 weeks I should be able to tell for sure if its working.
One other nice side benefit is that my teeth are staying clean for 16 hours a day. Its a nice feeling and a clean mouth helps to have a healthy body.