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Intermediate Training

Hi guys,
I have been working out for about a year and a half and i have seem to have hit plateaus in mostly all of my lifts. I do not know what to do. Can someone give me an example of a new workout plan for about 4-5 days a week? I am 158.5 pounds and i am 5’8.

My personal records are:
bench press: 190 lbs
deadlift: 365 lbs
squat: 265 lbs(i havent actually tried a max for squat, but i can do 245 for 5)

If anyone could help me out that would be great. I am looking for a plan that will help me gain mass and strength.


Refer to the stickies in the beginner and bodybuilder forum. Absolutely nothing about you is intermediate, so with a few fixes you can make more progress.

How old are you?

Current routine?

I am 19 years old. I do a 3 day split where i do legs one day, chest and arms another day, and back and shoulders anotherday in the week. I usually do each one once or twice a week.

starting strength

West Side Barbell for Skinny Bastards, aka WSBB4SB. by Joe Defranco

No, No, No.
Eat more, you weigh 158lbs.

whats expert if this is intermidiate? I might be closer than i thought to expert level

Starting Strength + Eat More

Now end thread.