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Intermediate Routine Suggestions ?

Whats up,

You probably here this question a million times but here goes. Ive been lifting for a decent amount of time and I feel like the routine im doing is garbage… Im not making any real noticable gains. What are the most important exercises for certain muscle groups and what kind of schedule should I be keeping if I want a serious program?


Sound like you simply need to read up and educate your self on some of the programs by any of the Coaches here. CW, CT, CP, Staley. etc…

The movements you should concentrate on during any time no matter your goals should be the BIG compound movements, Squats, deads, rows, chins, presses, etc… Oly lifts. These will be the meat and taters of any and all the programs by the above coaches.

You might do a search and read the "Dawg School " series. that should help depending on your training past.

I say just start reading up on all the articles in the training section and pick a program that catches your interest. Follow it to a T and you will experience grerat gains.

If you want a more direct answer of “Which Program” then just ask. It will help if you give as much info as you can to us though. Including and not limited to age, weigh, goals, diet, training history. I am sure many oif us will chime in with our opinions.

Hope this helps,