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Intermediate Routine? Foods to Bulk?


If you have the time to read this and it respond it would be great. If not I understand people here are busy, and/or just don't want to respond. I just want advice on lifting, and how guys like you and prof x got big. I promise you I won't waste your time if you help me because I'm not going to question you unless i don't understand. Ill just do, whatever I need to do. I really want to hit about 260 by soon as possible without gaining a lot of fat... Like everyones goal. But along the way ill need good intermediate routines to follow, and i don't know exactly which ones to use because there are so many!!! I also don't know what to eat. Can someone post what their daily/weekly food intake is? If need my stats are below. Also when do you guys run, how long, how any times a week/day, sprint or run, or walk?

Years lifting: 2-3
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 218
Age: 18
Bf%: 15. (I understand its better to get big first, cut later)
Deadlift: 518 ( I have a video if you'd like to see one to check on form)
Squat: 405 (Have videos of me squatting too)
Bench: 300 (Used to be 330) I have a bad shoulder injury that sets me back every couple months. Tore it, dislocated, and broken it many times. Right shoulder.

I still will try to be strong, but I want to be big as a silverback gorilla. I have done some research for the past couple years, but I don't always understand everything, and thats why I'm coming here. I understand that lifting hard and heavy and using the compound lifts are important, but diet and sleep can be just as high up there too. I have some supplements, mostly a pre workout, and whey protein for post, morning, and before i got to bed. I've never really took creatine, but I will be starting it soon and making sure I keep a chart to remind myself.

I would post pictures of myself but I need mass everywheres so it would be a bit redundant.


Strength and silverback gorilla size go hand-in-hand; there is no 'but'

Also, good call on the creatine chart


Dude, more than anything, you just need to realize that to reach a goal like that, you will need to be consistent for years in order to make it happen. It won't happen in a few months and you won't go straight up to your final goal weight. There will be periods where you gain, periods where you hold your weight and try to drop a little fat, periods where you diet and periods where you go all out and put on weight just to break plateaus.

You really don't need other people to post how they eat. Monitor your own eating and weight.


I understand it will take years. I just wish it wouldn't and thats why I said that. But I don't understand what is right to eat to gain the most amount of weight, but doing it without gaining a lot of fat.

edit: Like, Breakfast.... ex.

6 eggs, 2 slices of wheat bread with natural peanut butter, and shake. (around 500 cals)

Lunch, two grinders(wheat bread, turkey, lettuce), protein shake, (800 calls)



Dinner (Varies but normally around 1500 cals) shake

bed shake

Thats a normal day for me, and it doesn't seem like its enough food, or the right food to eat.


I tend to stray away from bread though. And it just doesn't look like much food. If you need more easy foods to eat to add into meals, start eating natural peanut butter with a spoon after meals, slices of cheese, nuts, fruit, etc. But I would say you need more MEAT, POTATOES, EGGS, RICE.

I eat up to 18 eggs per day when I'm on a budget. Potatoes and rice are also SUPER cheap. For meat, get steak/hamburger/pork when you can afford it, otherwise do plenty of tuna/fish/chicken (not sure if money is an issue or not, sometimes it can be though).

Base your meals on the rice/potatoes, eggs/meat, and then fill up with the cheeses/nuts/peanut butter/etc. And if I could afford it, I'd be drinking the shakes after the meals still. Or rather, drink them "with" the meal.


Okay thanks, ill start snacking on peanuts in between meals and eating more natural peantbutter. When you say chicken I assume you mean stay away from breaded. Or in general, stay away from bad carbs, but every once in awhile is pasta okay? I can eat lots of tuna thats for sure. Im a senior in high school so ill have to pack my own lunch. school food is awful. Thanks!


I understand that you want to be a big, body builder looking dude, right? Meaning you aren't looking for a Power Lifting routine or an Olympic weight lifting routine, correct?

If thats the case, just follow ANY routine that you have seen someone successful use. Follow it and make little adjustments along the way to suit your results AND your tastes in exercises. Feeling run down? Drop an exercise or dont do as many sets or intensity techniques. Feeling great and making good gains? Stay the course, or even add a little more work.

As far as food intake goes, its such an individual thing that again you will have to do the work here. If your current diet is producing results (Muscular weight gain, minimal fat gains), than stick with it. If not, ADD MORE QUALITY FOOD. It seriously is that simple.

You already know what a "body building diet" looks like... I KNOW you do, and you know you do. Now just start eating that shit, and lots of it. THIS IS WHERE MOST PEOPLE BREAK DOWN, DONT BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

Cardio: I dont know very many BBers who actually Run, many of them do low intensity cardio and Interval training. But again, this is an individual thing. I know people who get shredded both ways, so you will have to find your "magic number" by experimentation. The general rule though is to do "as little as possible" to get the results you are after.

For example, start with two 20-30 minute sessions a week(it doesnt matter what kind), do this for a month and see if you are more muscular, stronger, and NOT fatter(or VERY little fat gain). If you are, congrats, you just won. If you are getting fatter, do 1 more session and reassess again in a month. Still getting fatter? Maybe you are eating too much, maybe you need more cardio, Maybe you need to lift more? I dont know, YOU FIGURE IT OUT.

Do this for 50-60 months in a row, and there you go.

The SAME thing goes for dieting, except in reverse. Eat LESS food, do MORE cardio over time. Its these SIMPLE principles executed for YEARS AND YEARS that produce the kind of results that make peoples jaws hang wide.


This is what I needed. Thanks. Ill definitely add more food in my diet, and clean it up. Hopefully in 5 years I'll be a big mother fucker. Thanks everyone for the help. Now I'm on the hunt to find a routine that works well for me!