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Intermediate Program for Muscle?

Hey guys i have a question,first here are my stats
Weight:167 pounds
Age:16 1/2
Squat max:335 pounds
Deadlift max:420 pounds
Bench max:240 pounds
And i have been training for a year and something and i want to gain muscle mass asap
Any intermediate programs for muscle mass?

531 boring but big or bbb challenge is great. West side for skinny bastards is also a good bet. The cube can work, you just have to gear your assistance toward that goal.

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On another note, eat more.

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Deep Water

5/3/1 Building the Monolith

Big numbers for a 16 yo at that weight.

20 rep squats is a worthwhile right of passage as a teen…

After that, run through templates by Dan John, Wendler Waterbury etc over the course of the year

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I can’t seem to find anything but water aerobic stuff when I google deep water lol have any more info?

Check out “Jon Andersen Deep Water” and see if that helps. You can find the book on Amazon, and he has it for free in his Instagram account. Also has a website and youtube channel.


2nd Building The Monolith. Prepare to be humbled!

Is building the monolith in forever? I don’t remember seeing it in other books.

Nah, online only.

Private forum? I don’t remember seeing it on his blog.

Edit: found it. Turns out Google knows the answer.

Yeah, sorry: wasn’t meaning to be elusive. I thought you had seen the link before.

I like the Anthony Ditillo inspired stuff that John Paul Cantanzaro put out. This is from his " 4 ways to get strong" article on Tnation.

Monday A.M.

  • A. Bench Press
  • B. Floor Press
  • C. Deadlift
  • D. Rack Deadlift

1 set of 5 reps for a warm-up and 5 singles using 90% 1RM


  • A. Seated Press
  • B. Half Press
  • C. Full Squat
  • D. Half Squat

1 set of 5 reps for a warm-up and 5 singles using 90% 1RM


  • A. Bench Press
  • B. Deadlift
  • C. Chin-Up

5 sets of 5-7 reps using maximum weight each set


  • A. Seated Press
  • B. Full Squat
  • C. Row

5 sets of 5-7 reps using maximum weight each set

This routine was popularized by the late Anthony Ditillo. I’ve made one slight revision to the program, substituting a chin-up for an arm curl.

Rest two minutes between sets and add weight whenever possible. Ditillo claimed that this was the best routine he came across for increasing bulk and power simultaneously.

Thibadeau’s “Layers” approach from his thib army site is cool too.


No worries, I should have put the bare minimum effort of putting it into Google before asking. I’ve just heard of building the monolith so much recently, and never come across any details of the actual program. Thsnks for the reply

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Guys i said hypertrophy not freaking 5/3/1 and powerlifting stuff i want to build muscle size and a lot of it.

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5/3/1 isn’t a powerlifting program, and 5/3/1 Building the Monolith is literally “5/3/1 For Size”

Why not consider the fact that the folks that have achieved the very goals you’re after may know a thing or two about how to get them? :slight_smile:


Was that emoji a typo? I’ve never seen you use one before.

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They’re rare, but employed when the time is right.

Building The Monolith + TONS of food will get you there.

Turn all those maxes into 10 rep maxes and I guarantee you will be MUCH MUCH bigger and stronger.

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