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Intermediate Mass Cycle Advice

What do you guys think of this cycle? 29yrs old, 5 cycles done in 10yrs of training of mostly test deca and some tren E here and there. Currently 6’3" 231lbs ~13%. Biggest 255lbs ~14%

Looking to gain mass

1-14 Test E- 500mg/week
1-12 Tren Ace-200mg/week
1-14 EQ 400 mg/week

Will be injecting 2x a week unless I hear otherwise. Do you think I should up the Tren? I’ve never had any adverse sides to it but I get a little worried about running too much more than a gram of gear a week.

PCT is in hand

Have you ran tren or EQ before? Obviously the test and EQ can be injected twice weekly, but your looking at daily injects with the ace.

Not knowing anything of your background, 35mg a day would be a good starting point with the tren for about 250 weekly. You can ramp it up very readily if you don’t see the results you expect. I see you wrote you haven’t had adverse sides to it, so I’ll assume you have used it.

What’s your stigma with the gram threshhold?

It’s not a side everyone experiences, but I got crazy anxiety on EQ, even when I dosed down to only 200mg a week. Only reason I ask.

I’ve ran EQ once before at about 400mg/week along with some test of course. I’ve ran tren E twice before at about 300mg/week but never Tren Ace. I didn’t get any sides from either of them besides a little bacne and a little hair thinning but it all came back.

I’m just wondering if these would be ok dosages. When I run much more than a gram longer than 14 weeks I tend to get more body acne and I don’t want to over do it and get any gyno.

The doses look fine, but ace needs to be injected ED.

I never got any of the crazy hunger that eq can bring at a dose lower then 600 mg a week. You might be able to get away with 500 mg and still get the hunger (assuming that’s what you want to use it for). Otherwise looks good. I like to throw dbol or tbol in the first two weeks or so just to get things blowing up quick but still nice cycle as is.