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Intermediate Lifter Needs Help


Hey all,

I'm 19 years old; 6 foot, 185 lbs, and 14% body fat. I've taken 3 months off of lifting due to surgery. My total lifting experience amounts to 3+ years.

I'm looking for a good program to cut body fat and gain strength. Any input would GREATLY appreciated!


cut fat? does that mean you want to lose weight or just get cut.


I want to lower my body fat down from 14% to about 11-12%, and gain some muscle.

Any good programs that you guys suggest?!




Te be honest, thats gonna be hard if not impossible. Cutting bf and gaining muscle is very hard and mostly occurs 1. when your a newbie or 2. if you use good "supplements".
Imo you should focus on one of them and make it your main goal.


Now, now; He's been off for 3 months.

I'm sure if he dials in his diet, ups the protein and uses a decent program he will be able to cut some fat in the first few weeks back, while regaining strength and size.

I think that giving the above posted program a shot is a good idea.