Intermediate Days Off Recommendation?

Helll Dr. Darden. As an Intermediate to Advance. Do you recc continuing the rest days at the end of Intermediate in mew High Intensity Book? (Train, 4 off, Train, 4 off, train, 3 off)_ or what do you think? I will be doing active rest with some yoga. Thanks. Chris

Yes, I believe you have a fine plan. Keep in touch.

Were those dumbbell weights for curls?

What makes you think you are an intermediate to advanced trainee?

Hi @sparkyo,

Your response tells me you haven’t read Darden’s “The new HIT”.

Please remember that Darden HIT trainees use a slower cadence in good form for reps. If I remember correctly “The New HIT” suggested 4 sec pos and 4 sec neg in general for 8-12 reps a set for 60-90 sec of TUT (someone please correct if I’m wrong). This means you can’t throw weights as in regular reps - meaning the OP probably uses the suggested weights for presses and rows, I guess.

As for being “intermediate” or “advanced” - these are terms used for progression in that same book. Full body routines, where you add more excercises up to max 12 a workout for the advanced trainee (if I remember right again).