Intermediate Cycle: Test, Deca, Primo/Mast

Hi there,

I am currently planning my fourth AAS cycle. I am 28yo, 6″3, 95kg 10-12%ish bf.

My first cycle was a bulking cycle at 400mg/week test e and 50mg/day var

My second cycle was a cutting cycle and I cut from 98kg-88kg (8%bf-ish) using 500mg/week test e, 400mg/week mast, 50mg/day var.

My third cycle was a bulk from 88kg – 103kg, around 19%bf. I used 300 deca & 500 test and dbol.

My fourth cycle was a cut with Test at 500mg, primo at 500mg and var at 50mg/day & adrol for last 2 weeks. I cut from 103-94kg.

I have taken 10 weeks off and got my bloods done yesterday (I will post these on here when they are finished).

As for my supplements, I take 4 High dose fish oil tabs a day, 1g of NAC a day, Optimised curcumin and CoQ10.

I want to get some advice on my next bulking cycle. Ideally, I want to be pushing the weight from 94-105/110ishkg in 6-7 months. I got on well with deca and test last time, but was considering adding some primo / mast to this stack along with slightly higher deca. I would just add primo by itself but it is so expensive. Can you add both, say at 200mg/week for a cheaper alternative? Has anybody had any good experiences bulking with other compounds that I could try? Ment? Low dose tren?

I was thinking starting lower and tapering up my primo / test / deca as my weight increases.
Starting at
Test E:300
Deca: 300

I also suffer from acne when on cycle, I have tried everything from soaps to peroxide body wash. Nothing works that well. Any suggestions on this?

Thanks in advance

At 6’3" and 210, you shouldn’t need a ton of drugs to put on weight. Don’t get me wrong, you’re fairly lean, but you should be looking more into what and how much you eat. I’m not saying don’t use AAS, but in the spirit of harm reduction, I think you should focus a lot more on diet and a lot less on drugs.

With that said, you should absolutely be able to put on some mass with that stack. Also, I have never used primo so take this with a grain of salt, but I believe primo is more of a finishing drug than a bulking drug, but hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong.

I don’t think low dose tren is a good bulking drug personally, It is definitely a great cutting and/or strength drug.

I got jacked off of a 500 test 350 NPP cycle a year ago, and I am already moderately developed. I went from 241 @ ~18% BF to 247 @ roughly 16% BF in 14 weeks. Then I lost it all when I had to come off everything cold turkey due to an injury. My point is, that should be pretty powerful as long as you’re eating and training correctly

it seems that you dont really know what mast is for and what it does or does not at all tho…

Then mast is off your list. Hair loss and acne are like the two most common side effects of masteron and if you’re already prone to acne it’ll just be a whole lot worse.

Thanks, my diet is usually very good. I will look to put on around 10-12kg in 5-6 months. A clean bulk and trying to stay as lean as possible.

Okay, thanks. I’ll just stick to the primo for the anti e sides

I have read that mast and deca stack synergistically very well together. That’s why I was asking on here.

Tell me more…

I believe one of the reasons is to counter the deca dick lol. I am not pretending to know about it, that is why I am asking on here.

Are you gonna do a 5-6 month cycle?

Its ok, i was asking cuz i have no idea why would anyone use masteron at all, and i believe its even weirder choice combined with a bloat-drug. But i asked you, because i am not an expert myself, so maybe you had your reasoning and i wanted to know it before i take a big shit on your cycle, lol :smiley:
Anyways, i dont think mast does anything to deca-dick, as this problem seems to be long term even after going off deca, so mast would AT BEST just mask it while you are on. Anyways, 19nor dicks are genetic, some get em, some dont.
Masteron as such is only cosmetic. It cant grow anything, its too mild. If you are shredded already, it will give you that dick-skin look on stage, the last final touch, when you are 1 month out of a pro-show. Outside that, i dont see any use for it. It also has to be taken in pretty large dosages and it turns out expensive also that way.
Taking it with something that bloats you, is just like sprinkling some water on a house thats already almost done burning down.

I would say - if a cycle worked for you, just do it again.
There is no need to complicate things when its not needed. If something works - keep doing it until it doesnt.
If you will up the dose by half or add a compound every cycle, and you do 2-3 cycles a year, you will be doing Olympia Pro cycles in 5 years and wont have anywhere to go after that.
Most people can gain 90% of what they will gain in their life with just 500mg test. Everything else is just for shits and giggles in most cases.
I believe you can do you test-deca and a lil kick with dbol your whole life and gain very good… After 3-5 cycles just add 25% of a dosage or switch one of the drugs and you’ll be good.

I believe that people can gain only as much as they can in a given amount of time. Adding drugs or upping the dose WONT speed it up. Its just like if you have a broken leg, then adding twice the cast wont speed up the recovery.
You seem to be doing REALLY good. Just repeat some of what you already did.

Primo and Mast is a waste of money, imo.

To you maybe. But money is a funny thing. What you value vs what someone else values can differ wildly. So for you primo doesn’t seem attractive but for the guy who doesn’t mind the cost and is looking for low side effects and longer term safety maybe primo fits with their needs. Cost and value are different things. To each their own.

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Yea, thats why there was “imo” at the end, which means “in my opinion” if i got that right :smiley:

It did for me. I ran my first Primo cycle this year and likely last cycle ever. Primo was virtually unnoticeable in side effects and gains were mild as well but seem to be sticking much more this time. Its been several months since I ceased that cycle and I’m still in the 195-200lb range (remember I’m only 5’7") with a relativley low BF ~15%. I’m off cycle but still look like my avatar with a pump of course.