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Intermediate Cycle Advice Please


Hi Guys/gals, I'm hoping you can offer me some recommendations on an intermediate cycle I'm looking to run at the beginning of next year. I want to list my stats and cycle history in hopes it will help out and show that I'm not a troll.

-6'3" 230lbs ~11%at the end of my cut. Started at 255 ~14-15% 3 months ago. Chest 48", Arms 18.75" and 18.25", shoulders 58", quads 26.5", waste 34"
-Lifting 9yrs straight, no breaks no excuses
-Diet is in order
-Best lifts. B: 315x10, D: 505x5, S: 425x5

Cycle history (Ran over the course of the 9yrs):
1. Test E 200 Deca 100 10weeks
2. DBOL 50mg/day Test E 500 Deca 200 12 weeks
3. Test E 500 Tren E 200 EQ 200 12 weeks
4. Test E 500 Tren E 200 Anavar 12weeks 40mg/day (strength through the roof)
5 ?

Basically I'm looking to get bigger, stronger, and thicker over the winter so I'll look as good as possible after my spring cut. I've gotten the best results with the test, eq, and tren cycle I've ran.

This is what I'm thinking:

Test E 500 week 12 weeks
EQ 400 week 12 weeks (However I've read you should take this for at least 14weeks?)

Would Primo be a good compound to add to this cycle? I've read that it's more for lean muscle gain. I'd like to try to stay away from DBol due to all of the water retention I get while on it. Any other compounds I should think of running?

I have very low negative side effects from gear usage.


I would prefer Primo over EQ, if you just want to run a 2 drug stack.
For more lean gains, I think you can add Primo, and drop down the dosage of test slightly.

Test 300
EQ 300
Primo 400


Thanks for the advice, what about that recommended stack with Sustanon? I’ve never run that before but perhaps the blended test types would be better than the Test E I’ve always ran?


I will use test-e over sustanon any day. Sustanon contains short,medium and long ester versions of testosterone. IMO only suitable for HRT purpose.

If you want a solid long ester testosterone to stack with long ester nandrolone (deca), or Boldenone Underclynate. You should use Reandron 1000, which is testosterone undecanoate.
Otherwise, use Test E with your Primo.


Thats his opinion - mine is that Sust is as effective a Test as any other.


Any one else with advice?


My advice is this - if you are looking to get bigger, thicker and stronger - you need to forget about the mild drugs like Boldenone and Primobolan.

Test, Tren, Dbol
Test, Drol, Stan (mine ATM - the performance increase by day two has been write-home worthy)
Test, Deca, Dbol

You see common denominators? There are 3.

Highly Androgenic.
Highly Anabolic.
Highly Estrogenic.

That makes you Stronger, Bigger, Thicker. (Shit, that is a great name for my book!!)


Thanks Brook, I appreciate the advice