intermediate bodybuild ?

As an intermediate bodybuilder I get caught in the delema of twice a week or once a week or once every five to six days per body part stuff - I can’t be the only one out there. I’m 31 and been lifting for a few years and my goal is bodybuilding and physique development. For example, would it be better to use (for an intermediate of course) CT’s mutation phase 3 type program more often to make better growth and gains compared to his phases 1 or 2? I noticed that CT states that phase 3 is more for strength development. Though I enjoy the rest for the once a week thing it sometimes feels like this is far too long to wait. Any suggestions would be awesome, thanks.

Read some of Chad Waterbery’s stuff like ABBH, Quartro Dymamo, Triple Total Training he often sets up his programs to train each body part more than once per week; in some cases up to 4 times per week. Training less but more often is also the premise of HST. Read more more on HST, very interesting stuff.