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Intermediate. Best Progression WO for Mass?


I've lifted for 18 months (which i assume is just past beginner and coming into intermediate?) and want to pack on some serous mass over the next year. I have seen alot of people have recommended basic programs like 5x5 or SS as being great for mass.

Would a weekly progression of SS be decent for me or is the volume too low?

Here is what i found..

3x5 squat
3x5 bench
1x5 dead
dips 3 sets of 8

3x5 squat
3x5 press
3x5 row
3 sets chins

Would following this for 6 months be the most advised thing to do? - Sorry if this sounds silly im just want some honest straight advice on what the best thing to do would be for my experience. I dont like to fuck with programs but would a 4th set of 10-12 add in the extra volume without overkill?

Ask if you need any info thanks :slightly_smiling:

Also thank you for replies, if i miss something please say.


Wht 6 months?

Ride that program until it breaks and when it breaks, fix it by upping cals.

Just keep doing it until you. Feel uncomfortable and cut the cals and keep the same routine til you are satisfied...then put more cals in

About fucking with programs....

Who cares?

There's nothing magical about the number of sets these people put out in there programs.

If you can push another set out do it..more reps? Kill them....

Id like to see some direct arm and shoulder head iso in there somewhere...


How long you've been training doesn't say much about how advanced you are...

Post your numbers. Where did you start? Where are you now in terms of stats? (bw, height, strength, overall calories and grams of protein per day).

What was your training like so far (if it worked well, keep doing what you were doing).



Ok sorry my lifts are as follows..

Squat 120kgx8
Bench 120kgx4
Deadlift 180kgx1
Press 75kgx6

BW at 190 for 5.9. i was 162 last year with slightly more bodyfat.
gained about 1.5 inches on my arms, 4 inches on my chest, 3 ish on my legs, 1 on my neck, and 0.5 inchs on calves.
I was really sporadic with my training although i followed alot of 5x5 from march-now so i want to follow something more planned and serous if thats possible. I just want to gain mass this year. You guys know far more than me and i just want some sound advice. so to answer your question, i have been doing mainly 5x5 programs - so heavy weight low reps.

Thank you for your time and help.