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Intermediate Bench and OHP, Beginner Deadlift and Squat

I started going to the gym 8 months, running a push pull legs program for the whole time. However, out of the 4 lifts I only did Bench and OHP on the push day, but didnt do deadlift or squats on pull/legs. In the past month of ppl i started incorporating deadlifts and squats, in order to learn the technique, now that i’ve got pretty confident with my form I wanted to start a 531 bbb cycle, so I did.
My starting weight were:
Bodyweight - 158 lbs
Bench Press - 170 lbs x 3
OHP - 100 lbs x 3
Deadlift - 225 x 1
Squat - 200 x 1
Now that i finished the 531 bbb 3 week cycle, with 50% bbb assistance, id say i am pretty happy with the results, since i hit 165x6 on the bench press. However, I am not sure whether 531 bbb would be the best option for someone who wasnt gone through linear progression on the deadlift and squats. Am I deadlifting enough per week to maximize the beginner progression? Ive been running the BBB program like Deadlift 531 + Squats 50%x10 , and vice versa. Should I keep going with bbb? What if I would keep using 50% bbb on ohp and bench, and switch the deadlift and squat bbb assistance to 5x5 80%. Would it be too much intensity?
My last deadlift amrap was 192lbs x 8.
Thanks in advance for the help!

I mean this in absolutely no offense; but your maxes are low enough that you should just be focused on getting in there and doing work. Honestly, linear progression would probably do you well for another 100 lbs on every lift. (Other than OHP).

531 is awesome, and I absolutely support the hell out of it, but for the sake of trying to take advantage of “newbie gains” I would just focus on the 4 lifts, and try to add 5-10lbs every week until you cant. Toss in some smart assistance, and you shouldnt have to think too much about it.

As far as the 531 advice; if it’s working, and you enjoy doing it, dont fuck with it. Keep following the program until you stall, then focus on other avenues.


None taken. I know my deadlift and squats are way to low for an intermediate or even novice lifter, since ive only been training them for one month, but should i expect 100lbs more of linear progression on my bench? I already went up 65lbs in 6 months. Im not sure if this matters, but I am 16, 160 lbs. Same with my ohp, i started with barely repping the bar. And for the past months I have stalled on ohp and bench, therefore thats why i wanted to start 531. It looked like bench and ohp were done with the beginner gains. And would I be better of training the deadlift and squat on a different style? Should I train them twice a week each? Can I combine 2 programs, I mean continueing the ohp and bench with 531 and doing a linear progression type program on the squat and deadlift? (SL 5x5?) Or would that be too much intensity/volume.

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The name of the game is experimenting. But typically when following a pre written program, I personally think you get more out of following it to a T, then you can use the knowledge to you gain down to line to start getting creative.

Regarding linear progression, yes it will slow down, and yes you will stick here and there, (typically on bench, at 225 and 275 seemed to be common) but that’s normal. With LP you can take advantage of some small adjustment for maximum effect. Think, double down on Close Grip Bench as a lighter follow up for a few weeks after bench, or some heavy negatives for triples.

Most importantly for bench, just start rowing your ass off. Get your rows as strong as your bench, and dont stop. i changed absolutely nothing in my routine other than adding superset rows between each set, then rowing multiple times a week, and got my bench from 325 to 375.

As far as squat and deadlift, just dont skip. Ever. They will come. I would recommend low bar, but that’s just because it works better for me personally, and make sure you know how to brace. Ignore everything your coach or friends may have taught you, and watch some youtube videos on bracing. It will skyrocket your lower body lifts.

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