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Intermediate BB Routine


I've noticed most of the advice regarding routines on the internet and elsewhere is either directed towards beginners with a minimalistic approach(SS, 5x5, McRobert's stuff, the list goes on), or it is a highly "advanced" bodybuilding routine that unless you have been training for 4-5+ years, you should steer clear of. I have 2.5 years of training under my belt, mostly PL type training(looking to train a bit more for hypertrophy now), and it depends on what criteria you would use but i would consider myself intermediate, yet I find it hard to find a routine that strikes a nice balance between the two extremes I tend to see- have you guys noticed this? and what would your thoughts be on recommending me an "intermediate" routine? I seem to have milked simple 3 days a week stuff

stats included so you can make judgment
455sumo DL, 405sq, 245 bench


Lyle McDonald's Generic Bulking Routine... google it.

I think you would do well with it.


I'd say CT's HP Mass program is geared towards intermediate lifters.

As far as programs in general, as you progress beyond the beginner phases of training you start to learn what works for you and get an idea of how to put together your own split.


John Meadows posted an article only a week ago geared towards intermediates. Have a look!


Figure out what your goals are.

Find a routine to match that goal.

Learn and adapt.



i have been training seriously(meaning with full time gym membership) for about 3 years, and just finished 6th and final week of a 10x10 program. i put on about 3-4 lbs(all muscle) during that 6 week stretch. may not seem like much, but consider its taken me about 4 years to put on 25-30 lbs(thats 5-7 lbs./year; started around 130 lbs, currently at about 160 lbs.)....anyway, you could give it a try...just trying to pay it forward.


if you've done more of a power lifter approach why not try a begginner bodybuilding routine for a bit and make modifications every few months or whenever you feel like you need too.

this could be as simple as a 4 day body part split, chesttri, backbi, shoulders, legs
then adding a separate arm day in a few months after leg day
then a few months after that maybe you realize your chest is lagging so you hit your chest twice a week or whatever body part your lagging in
or maybe you start hitting everything twice a week with a push/pull/legs routine. its all a progression where you have to figure out what you need.

my favorite routine the one im doing now is:
day one
day two
day three
day 4
day 5