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Interleague play - good or bad?

So what do you think of the interleague play that baseball has entered into again this week?

Maybe I’m a bit of a traditionalist, but I like keeping them seperate outside of the All-Star game/World Series.

There’s something about the mystique of not playing an opposing league team until the World Series. Even the all-star game has lost much of its character now too.

P.S.~ If the Red Sox ever win, I’m driving straight to Boston for the party of a lifetime. Anyone care to join me? Someday…

Haven’t given it any thought. Still haven’t. Not thinking about it.

Well, here’s my take…

The Tigers are in town against the Padres this week. For a series like this, one can’t help to think back to yesteryear (especially a Tigers fan) and remember the 84 world series. And now that Alan Trammel is in the dugout and Lance Parish is in the front office it makes it that more nostalgic.

Even though both of these teams suck ass right now.

The other thing I like about Interleague play is the chance to see pitchers and other players that you don’t normally get to see. Being on the west coast in So Cal only provides National league play 90% of the year. For example, the Minnesota Twins are in town this weekend. I’m going to the game on Friday night because when else will I be able to see a talent like Tori Hunter? (there’s also a kickass fireworks show after the game but that’s besides the point) I like interleauge play, it’s good for baseball.

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