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I have been gaining for about 2 months now and I’m 14. I’m 5’10" at 150 Lbs. (I know skinny bitch) Anyways my metabolism is wicked fast ( I eat around 4k Cals) and I still am hungry. The funny thing is, even though I’m hungry, I still gain 1Lb.+ a week and am making tremendous strength gains.

Does this mean my body has a misaccuracy within my feelings of hunger or is my body just being very efficient and I should up the cals. to be optimal?

A “misaccuracy”?

If you’re hungry…eat more.

T’ain’t rocket science.

It just means your body can handle more food, I guess. Take advantage of it, some of us have to eat til we gag and then some.

And congrats on the gains, keep going!

You are 14. Puberty = mucho hormones. If you can eat 4000 Calories and still be hungry, while gaining one pound per week, perhaps eating more will result in even more weight gain and strength increases. Right now you have the hormonal profile to do this.

Fuck you’re 14. Your body just got over being born. Eat until your ass falls off, just make sure it’s clean. Enjoy this while you can, it will only get harder as you age.

Keep eating…and eating…and more eating…till your full. Then if your hungry a couple hours later … repeat … and repeat … and repeat all day/every day till your built like a greek statue or tank. Then eat more after that and repeat. Just make sure its clean food and no junk. You’ll be surprised, after a couple years you will be walking around HUGE and have a girlfriend under each arm…I did. Man, I miss those day.



[quote]malonetd wrote:
A “misaccuracy”?[/quote]

I pulled that one out of my ass sorry.

Thanks for the suggestions. I usually try to eat everything until I’m hungry but sometimes I run out of time, as I am at school until 2:30 then I usually either go do something with friends, or do homework.

Eating is being very time consuming and I’m still hungry.

I’ll try and come up with some new things to eat but my parents are in shock at my eating abilities. A few weeks back, I ate and entire pizza, all clean food of course, and I felt the same as I had just before I ate.

Anyone want to give me some more food ideas, I use almost everything in my house at LEAST once a day for food. And am trying to come up with new ideas. And yes I’ve “used the search tool”

THanks guys!

If you wanna add some extra calories:

  1. Natty PB - very calorie dense, great add to shakes, cottage cheese, straight out the jar…

  2. Walnuts - again extremely calorie dense + a good source of omega-3’s

  3. Flax Oil - May not taste the best but a Tbsp. here or there will add in lots of calories that will help you grow.

  4. Oatmeal - When I am trying to bulk I love to mix it dry w/ yogurt and cottage cheese (cc + whey + dry oatmeal = heaven)

  5. Omlettes - Use 3 or 4 whole eggs and 3 or 4 white, throw in some meat and cheese and veggies for a high calories P+F meal that taste great.

  6. Breakfast Ceral - This one is for post-workout. Nothing beats a Huge bowl of Rasin-Bran or other “sugary” ceral w/ a big ole glass of chocolate whey to spike your insulin post-workout.

Few of my favs when bulking. Enjoy.

Quit making everyone else on this site jealous and just eat.