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Interesting Youtube Series: Creationism


This is a very interesting series. The video maker has a 17 part series where he exposes, "The fraudulent claims on which the creationism movement is based." Very well made videos, and I must admit I am learning a lot. I linked the first video, but you can use the side scroll bar to go through them all.


This is the 9th one, covering transitional fossils, one of my favorites. Anyway...I'm off to bed.


I'll have a look when I get some time, thanks for the links.


I've watched the first two installments, and it looks great so far.

It won't do anything to alter the thinking of the most vocal of the creationists here on this site, but then, I imagine nothing would, short of the clouds opening up, and the thunderous voice of God Himself coming down from the heavens loudly proclaiming that evolution is true.


Really cool stuff, thanks for the link.

It's gonna take a few watching per episode to fully "get" everything being discussed (it moves at a pretty fast clip) but the take home messages are pretty evident.


No, I'm pretty sure that would be a "test of faith" and all the people that turned to evolution would be killed and shipped off to hell.

Nice link btw.