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Interesting Workout Style, High Potential for Naturals?

From Phil Hernon -

1 body part a day (big movements only), 1 set a day, to concentric failure. No rest pause, forced reps, etc.

Do it every day (until need rest day then take it). Vary exercise & rep range (8-12, 12-15, 20+ reps). When asked about warmup he said “you work your muscles every day, not like they go into hibernation” so basically no warmup.

Just jump into the set and rep out to failure in piston like fashion (explosive concentrive, 80% ROM, no pauses at lockout etc).

Easier on CNS & joints, very high freq good intensity, for naturals (esp older seasoned trainees). What do you think CT?

It’s NOT really high frequency since each muscle will still be hit only once a week, which is not optimal. And Phil Hernon REALLY doesn’t have a good reputation right now

One set/big exercise/muscle every day (so each muscle hits 7x a week)

Oh didn’t know that…scams? Lol

Read up on it, Christian it is daily training of the same muscles, not once a week. He may have a bad reputation, but do not look good yourself, posting incorrect information.