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Interesting Workout Motivator


Am I the only one who finds this making me wanna blast shit up and move some heavy, HEAVY iron?


Powerful display.

The western world should do more of this. That would be awesome!


Reminds me of


The US should have approximately 1.5 million troops. That's one and a half times as much as with DPRK. Combined with their technological superiority, they could put out a massive display of power. But then again, they would get their asses kicked by PR China. 2.3 million troops plus nuclear weaponry and not having ratified the NPT, claiming it to be a pacifist pussy document is no joke.


That would be cool if the US did do this but unlike Russia,NK,or China (possibly even Germany) our infrastructure weren't designed to hold massive parades like this. Our streets simply arent big enough,the Fascist and Communist regime used these are a great morale boost for the population and it seems to be an effective tool.


Holy shit....that was intense haha!


Eh... reminds me too much of these goose-stepping douchebags and their adoring sycophantic countrymen.
Then again, a great soundtrack can make even a pile of crap seem epic.


It didn't work. I watched that video and my deadlift dropped 400 lbs.