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Interesting Video on Testosterone


watch : http://youtube.com/watch?v=CDEuRSOFDwU


Interesting piece, nice find Hussayn.


The whole special will show again on 2/27/08 at 4pm.


I saw this show on PBS, and I thought it was interesting they chose a rugby team to profile for testosterone levels. I've played women's rugby against a few teams that maybe should have been tested for T. I swear there were a few men they threw in as ringers for both props.


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amazing video, thx for posting


I've heard of this before. I have also heard that there is a strong correlation between homosexuality and the 2d:4d ratio. But, it's still all correlation and limited studies at this point.

There is also a lot of stuff relating to the birth order, surprisingly. It sounds unbelievable, but studies have found correlation between the 2d:4d ratio, masculine traits and whether or not a (male) subject has older brothers.

From what I understand though, while there is data supporting this phenomenon amongst men, there is very little evidence of equivalent factors for women. Especially with regards to birth order, sexual orientation and 'feminine' traits.

There is another closely related phenomenon that reports correlation amongst having high testosterone and homosexuality. But I don't remember if that is up to date. Only that there were few studies that showed, somewhat surprisingly, that "homosexual" men usually have the higher testosterone than "heterosexual" men.

Of course, when you really get down to male sexuality, homosexuality doesn't really exist, so far as I have read, Men are more naturally bisexual, or omnisexual than anything else, which is another way of saying we'll stick it in just about anything that is tight and warm.


If dumping this bombshell on T-Nation isn't a flame, I don't know what is.