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Interesting TRT Results with Dr. Shippen


In my search to find a decent MD to help with my TRT plan, I turned to Dr. Shippen in PA. In advance of my visit, he had me stop using androgel for a week and take a week's worth of clomiphene (50 mg). Just got my lab results yesterday and my total T level went from 279 to 597! Estradiol dropped from 31.4 to 29.

Of course, this is with the supplement, so I will need to see what the treatment protocol will be. He has me going back to the androgel at 10 grams a day until I see him in 3 weeks.

It is nice to finally have someone who is on top of this to work with. I am interested in hearing from anyone else who has seen him and any views on these latest results.

Other results include:

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 48.7 13-71 nmol/L

Glucose, Fasting 82 70-99 mg/dL

Luteinizing Hormone 8.70 H 1.24-8.62 mIU/mL

Follicle Stim Hormone 11.70 1.27-19.60 mIU/mL

Interestingly, I also had basic blood work done at the same time and have a total cholesterol of 151, HDL of 62, LDL of 84 and triglycerides of 24 (which my wife, who is an MD, says is the lowest number she has ever seen in 12 years of practice!)

Thanks for any opinions or comments or suggestions on developing a treatment plan with Dr. Shippen.



I am about to start some type of TRT, I go see my PA this afternoon to discuss my test results total T 193, Free T 32,E 43, Total Cholesterol 123, HDL35, LDL68 and triglycerides 100.

The Androgel is the topical, correct? Is that all you are using? What did your Dr say about your low cholestoral numbers? Are you happy with your treatment plan?

Sorry i have no advice for you. I am completely new at this TRT stuff and trying to find my way through it.

I started a post this morning in this forum if you want to check it out.



There is an extensive literature--chiefly case reports and small series--supporting using clomiphene alone for idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism--the real diagnosis for many men.

There is no randomized trial of the various programs, nor of clomiphene vs testosterone replacement therapy.

But there is a singular advantage to clomiphene induction: a comparatively brief exposure (weeks? months?) can restore the pulsatile function of the pituitary, and some men are apparently cured and require no maintenance.

It looks like Dr. Shippen is plugged-in. I can't say the same for many other contributors.


Dr shippen is excellent at testosterone no doubt a great gentlemen as well, but when it comes to thyroid and adrenals he is not as knowledegble. I give credit because he is man enough to admit when he does not know. We see alot of shippens patients which he does have them tuned up perfectly on TRT, but they still just do not feel right.

We go alittle deeper into other issues such as the adrenal/thyroid to bring the patient to a more fuller recovery. We have numerous people from him and believe it or not we do not touch TRT at all we just "top of" where shippen started. The response has been tremendous and when his patients go back to them feeling better. Trust me we had a couple of complex cases, but shippen is just happy they are doing better.

His response is a sign of guy out their to help people. I have nothing but highest regards for him and can never say anything negative against him.


I'm not surprised. When I first saw my andrologist, he had me take 25 mg (HALF A TAB) of Clomid and my T went from 240 to 790 in one month!


Dr. Shippen's book is great too.


Yes and update version is coming out soon.


What clinic are you referring too?