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Interesting TRT document

I was doing some research on the Internet concerning TRT and came across this document which I thought was very interesting. It might have been posted here before but I figured I’ll just post it once more in case it hasn’t been.

The URL is at: musclechatroom.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34

The author talks about TRT at length in his Word document. I was wondering from some of the posters here if this document is pretty factual concerning TRT.

in a different post the author talks about his hCG protocol. He states that hCG injections should be given before your TRT injection. One shot two days before and the second shot one day before your TRT injection. He also states that from his experience his patients have the best results with this protocol. http://www.musclechatroom.com/forum/showthread.php?t=33

I was wondering if this protocol is still valid for hCG injections?


Yes, he has some good information and covers more then most doctors, but it is not perfect (in my opinion). HCG shots are good, but Dr. Crisler believes in weekly shots (which cause too many hormonal swings in too many people in my opinion).

If you go to E3D then the timing of HCG no longer really matters. Most just take their HCG and Test shot on the same day for convenience.