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Interesting Substance: 'Paylean'

An interesting substance on paper. Anyone ever used it? Anyone have some info to pass on about it?

Article form an FDA FOIA:
Ractopamine hydrochloride (PAYLEAN�®)
For increased rate of weight gain, improved feed efficiency, and increased carcass leanness in finishing swine fed a complete ration containing at least 16% crude protein from 150 lb (68 kg) to 240 lb (109 kg) body weight.

In particular I’d wonder about a dosing schedule on humans:)


In Malaysia the government has banned use of the Beta-Agonist Ractopamine where it has been determined as a cause for cancer in humans who consume meat tainted with the chemical. Clen is also a beta-agonist. I would stick with the latter. (Agonists bind to the receptor).

[quote]winkroar3 wrote:
(Agonists bind to the receptor).[/quote]

So do antagonists, selective agonists, and inverse agonists. Agonists do much more than just “bind”

I suppose this thread isn’t properly placed in the steroid forum. I thought the folks in here mgiht have the experience. So if I’m understanding correctly this chemical is in the same line as clen and albu? Does it have the same upper type effect? I.E. higher matabolism, increased heartrate, ect. If accurate the info about it causing cancer is interesting. Hopefully some more of the experienced guys here will comment.

I don’t know. I know it’s a drug for pig feed. Classified as a Beta agonist. From what I briefly read it has some bad effects in humans. I’m not just making this up. But I’m sure I can find out more if you want to stick with this, however unpopular a topic it may be.

Having worked with and around hogs, I can tell you it has a reputation for chewing up joints. It’s basically only used in animals before slaughter, never breeding animals.