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so i got back my blood work and chollesteral myoglobin and liver enzymes were all lower. good thing. one thing surprised me. i only did 2 shots of prop 200 mg and then had a second test done a week later. at first i was woried it work come back high, but then realized all most prop had cleared.

but my testasterone was completely shut down. after only two shots my body quit producing. that just shocked me. i always assemed it took a while to shut it down. oh well. i started my cycle back up jsut hope nothinggoes wrong this time. and also i jsut went in to a pharmacy and just asked for some 23x1 1/2 needles and they gave em to me.

i had know idea it was legal they asked me why i needed em and at first said heroin. they looked scared then told them they were for injecting sauces into chicken.