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Interesting Study,Thought Id Share

Check out this study, let me know what you think of it.

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yes it works

very interesting


The study looks interesting. I browsed but did not read too deeply into it. There are advantages and negative implications not mentioned in the article. In any tissue, disuse or inactivity results in less protein turnover. While this extends the life of the cell by reducing the DNA lost during each regenerative and reproductive cycle, the inactive state increases the chance of mutation within the cell. Each time a cell reproduces (protein turnover of the tissue) a small amount of DNA is lost. This essentially limits the life of the cell and is thought to be partially responsible for the aging process. Being less active the tissue would lose less DNA, thus age less, but be more prone to defects as the DNA sits around longer in the cells and is succeptable to toxins and mutations.

The DNA slowly degrades unless it is reproduced (think cell maintenance). There are obviously other factors that come into play such as ceullular protective mechanisms activated by exercise. So while exercising increases protein turnover, it doesn’t necessarily speed up the aging process, t least not significantly. Though this is dependent of the mode and intensity of exercise. This is sort of a shoddy explanation, but if anyone is interested I can explain further and in more detail.