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Interesting Squat Workout Today


I've created this thread for several reasons. 1)I'd like to receive some feedback on my form for the first video I upload. I'm doing Smolov Jr. and the videos below are from my 7x5 day. The first video is from my 4th set.

2) I sometimes enjoy seeing gym blunders, and the second video shows me getting stapled to the ground/having to dump the weight on my 5th set. I then lower the weight (to the prescribed weight for the day...I was doing 15lbs more because I was feeling very good today) for the 6th & 7th set and sure enough on the 2nd rep I rip my boxer shorts wide open. You can't see anything other than my facial expression change dramatically. It's really fucking hard to squat when you're laughing and worrying about your asshole hanging out the back.

So please comment/critique/enjoy.

Failed set:

Ripped boxers:


Is that the SRC? Ah, nostalgia! Your form looks good except for all the microadjustments you make between reps. You seem to be doing a lot of foot shuffling and appear to be trying to do some version of Elaine from Seinfeld's epileptic Christmas dance. Once you start a set, ideally, your feet should not move at all.

Also, more videos of hot SRC vixens. Come train with us in Cary if you get a chance, Tom built a 2nd rack.



When you fail a set, never let go of the bar before its on the safety pins.. Just come down with it. Guys have broken (and severed) fingers when they fling the bar off their back and it comes down on their hand.

But overall, great squats


You torso stays really upright, good job!


good form man just a thing i usually do is squat with like underarmour shorts on they wont rip whilst squatting also laughing at the guys form behind you in the third video i dont know whats funnier the fact you ripped your boxer shorst or the fact he did his hair in the mirror before he squatted.


Squats look pretty good, but there are two things I would mention that might make them better. 1) Your upper back looks like it could be arched more and kept tighter (think chest up shoulder blades pinched together) and this will help with the second thing. 2) Notice out of the hole how your hips rise faster than the bar initially, leaving you in more of a good morning type position.

If you can make the bar go up the same speed as your hips you'll do better and I'll wager you wouldn't have had to dump the bar on that set (think drive your head up and back into the bar). Pushing your knees out more consistently whill help you as well with not getting your hips ahead of the bar so to speak. These are small things, but small things can bring serious improvement.


No wonder u ripped ur shorts, ass to the grass there m8! Somethin i noticed, maybe worth dropping the pegs down a notch. When u racked it, looked close to missing the pegs, and if ur knackerd u mite miss them one day. And maybe bring the spotters up too?? Not really advice on the actual squat but things i noticed there.

Btw, the one u failed on, u cudda got it i recon! Gave in to easy, ur face wasnt going red.


Thanks to everyone who has replied. I will try to implement this information on my next workout.

Tunamonkey (thad)- you know those SRC vixens are on the other side with the cardio equipment! I'll just turn the camera around next time and toss the video in SAMA haha. Also, I was going to contact Tom after I finished this Smolov routine. I will be seeing you in about 2 weeks or so for sure.

Side Note When I initiate my setup, my scapula are definitely together and my upper back is tight (I believe). However, when I descend I lose my tightness...would this be a flexibility issue in my chest, or should I really focus more during my lighter sets on keeping those scapula pinched together as much as possible?

JAKERZ96-throwing my head back is definitely something I've had problems with in the past. I will try to focus on that and pushing my knees out more. I've actually had a relatively narrow stance, but yesterday tried going a little bit wider and it felt strange squatting, so if my knees appear as though they are caving that might be a factor.


As per your side note: I don't think it's flexibility, because you are better about it when you set-up. I think it is a function of strength and focus. As my buddy 2-SCOOPS is constantly telling me and everybody else "your upper back is weak and fixing that is the key to making everything better". It's harder to stay tight the deeper you get into the squat. This would explain why everything seems fine when you unrack it and then you lose that tightness when you descend (and especially on the way up).

You're correct that going a little wider than used to can make those knees cave. Just keep pushing them out hard. I really like squatting wide as it lets me keep my torso more upright and I can handle more weight, but it is a delicate balance between how much my hips can open up, how strong my glutes are to keep my knees out, and just how much of a beating my hip joints can take. Don't go too wide too fast. Just ease it out if that is your plan.


You remind me of the main character in the latest Toy Store movie. No offence. Ripping a pant is something that will happen to all squatters. You just keep squatting wearing your war face. Unless your balls are visible, you're fine.

Ah.. and the trap of adding more weight because you feel good. You did 15lbs more than prescribed. This might be cool, but it is not always the smartest thing to do. It took me years to realize this.

I'd say, keep the prescribed weight, and if you feel super good, then add some weight, but try to be able to judge how much you'd be able to make. But this is a fine line, and realy it is not so dangeorus to miss a weight now and then, but to train too hard over a long period will always end in tears. You gain experience as you go. And good luck!

-- stallion


Don't change shit. Stick to a program all the way through. If you feel fucking awesome, then do more on assistance work after. The point of 7x5 is not to be max effort. It is obviously supposed to be submaximal.

You will make far better gains if you have self restraint and follow programs more closely.

As for the form, looks okay, but I would suggest working on upper back tightness, and strength.

Good job though, you must be making good progress and doing things right normally if you are advancing faster than the smolov program predicts.