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Interesting Results So Far with Buspar (Buspirone) Arousal-wise

Guys, just thought I’d chime in here. If you’ve seen any of my prior posts, you’d know if have had very little arousal response pre and post TRT.

I have tried different medications, like selegiline, cabergoline and wellbutrin without any help. I had read a bit about a medication given to women that is a mix of buspar and testosterone, and it’s helped with low sexual desire. Trials are going to start on men I believe I read.

SO, I had my DR prescribe some buspar. It’s for anxiety, but off label for low arousal/desire. I have been on it for a few weeks now and am having definite effects. More sexual thoughts which actually trigger arousal. Something I’ve RARELY felt in almost 20 years (I’m 40).

Now, the caveat: I also have recently switched to an EOD protocol for my trt. SO, point being, I am not positive its the buspar or the EOD switch giving me the results I’m getting.

Just thought I’d share.


You also just started a new EOD protocol a few weeks ago, too many variables to consider. That EOD protocol was already expected to show good results since you did well on it before. A more effective protocol will lower anxiety.

Yep, I mentioned that in my posting.

What I’ll eventually do is stop the buspar and see if the feeling continues without it.

Something seems to be working systemlord. I’m guessing my shbg may have gone up a point or two and my e2 down. I won’t know until bloods.

I wonder how many more people could be benefitting from the EOD protocol or ED. With insulin syringes, it’s really no big deal. I use a 30g needle into my quad EOD. Never feel it.

I was pleasantly surprise to see my SHBG increase to pre-TRT levels on an EOD protocol, when I started TRT SHBG was 22, 4 weeks after starting TRT SHBG was 18, than after a year 16 and now on smaller more frequent dosing I’ve come full circle.

I don’t know many guys returning to their pre-TRT SHBG levels, I can’t get my mind of possibly trying an every day protocol.

I’ve been on a whole food diet and lifting weights EOD. A lot of guys starting out don’t like injections, as you get more used to injecting, guys tend to want to experiment especially if there are great results.

I can tell you this: if I keep seeing results on the EOD protocol and I can verify it’s because of that (and not buspar), I will definitely try an ED schedule to see if I can get an even better response.

I think you should stay consistent for a little while, then IF you do change anything, change one thing at a time.

Im glad that you have finally found something that worked! Keep us posted. Good info.

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Somsomething bizarre and completely abnormal for me happened this weekend. Sorry if this is way tmi, but maybe it’s normal (just not for me):

Had sex w gf after going down on her (she came so she was done). However I had to get off so Had sex and orgasmed in like 4-5 mins. Nothing odd but the shot (sorry tmi) was really strong and went up close to her hair. Something That normally never happens. Usually it just dribbles out. THEN, I cleaned her up and was still a little aroused so put it back in. (Something I never do cause once I orgasm I’m done). I had sex for about a min and orgasmed again!!! A good amount too. It was like 3 mins in between orgasms. This has NEVER happened. Not even close. HAS to be the buspar. Thoughts? Or is that normal? Can’t be.

I know buspar has been noted to raise prolactin and mine was tested super super low. Seems counter intuitive that prolactin would have much to do w it as prolactin raising should lover dopamine and vice versa.

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Buspar is delaying your orgasms and not allowing it to happen all at once, these medications are used for men who have premature ejaculation.

Interesting. It didn’t take me long at all to orgasm. It was just that I was able to
Go again within minutes and able to have another one.

Put this in the WIN column


Hey man just wanted to follow up on this post as I’m dealing with libido issues myself.

Are you cured of your issues or has buspar been a continued medication used in your life that has helped your issues?

Buspar starts to work and give me just a little libido at about days 7-14. Then the effect goes away.

The research I’ve done states that initially buspar will increase dopamine, but then, the longer you take it, it will increase serotonin.

I tried taking it just every other day in order to JUST harness the dopamine thing, but it didn’t work this way.

Now im trying to correct what may be a thyroid issue, so I’m HOPING and praying that will help with sex drive and arousal.

Interesting. What are your thyroid numbers like?

I actually have bouts of low t3 and free t3 and its called non thyroidal illness. I researched all i could about it and tried to test for the things that are related to it but nothing showed conclusive evidence.

One thing i did consider was stress and depression which can negatively impact low t3 and i know dopamine and depression are linked.

Have you given wellbutrin a try? i plan on asking my doc if he’ll prescribe me some.

I tried wellbutrin at various levels. One glorious day at 100mg SR about 10 days in I had insane libido. But it only lasted a few hours.

My thyroid numbers aren’t bad, but always bottom of the barrel in terms of the range. total t3 very low.

Hoping something happens.

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Mine too.
My free t3 last tested was 3.0 which is higher than its ever been but still just into optimal range. My total has been as low as 60 and as high as 81 and ideally it should around 120 at least.

I did try thyroid meds but they didn’t do anything for me unfortunately. I think if those numbers came up we would be good. Question is how?

What’s your plan going forward bruh?

I JUST started on 30mg Armour yesterday, so i’ll run this 4 weeks and test bloods. Likely will have to increase dose.

I am running TRT at appx 30-40mg EOD.

I rely heavily on pde5s.

good luck brotha.

im working with the anabolic doc Thomas O’Connor.

He recommended e5d 100mg test and to test bloods in the next 4-6 weeks.

I’ll definitely reconvene with you in September and take it from there. Hopefully we’re a step closer to a cure.

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Women have it SOOO easy… Lay down and spread open. Nothing to worry about.

Keep me posted

Just a side note here…when a woman comes, she’s not done. Usually it’s just the beginning.

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Just purchased Wellbutrin from a reputable source, hoping this works

How’s the t3 going for you bud? I know it’s early but any improvements so far, in particular in the libido/ed department?

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