Interesting research Questions ?

I’ll have a whole thread on this later on. But i’ve been reading ‘The Hybrid Approach to Maximum Muscularity’ and ‘McDougie’s progress thread’ and I have a few very good ideas about my next attempt to gain lean muscle. Anyway here’s a few questions to start off ?

  1. After a post-workout consumption of maltodextrin and whey protein, how long would insulin be elevated for. Theoretically take the example 61g maltodextrin, and 130g whey (i’ll explain the high protein later) ?

  2. How long does it take to digest a fibrous vegetable and minced beef meal ?

  3. What are the conditions necessary for hypertrophy ? Do metabolites need to build up, do they need to reach a certain concentration ?

  4. If creatine was used, and lactic acid is a necessary metabolite for growth, wouldn’t the buffering affect of creatine be a hinderance to growth ?

  5. Just to throw out a little taster of my ideas, i reckon, protein cycling on a day scale is the key to lean mass gains. Small protein amounts with fat, until workout, 30% of protein pre workout, 30% post, with 40% carbs pre and 40% post.

Thanks guys


Well I’m responding to your post basically because no one responded to mine about fasting. Can’t really answered any of your questions though. I’ll go out on a limb and say that creatine won’t be a hindrance to growth at least over all. So it cancels out some of the lactic acid produced, it also allows you to preform more reps…hence more latic acid. Am I thinking to simple? Also the other benefits of creatine makes me think that the pros out weigh the cons. Also I’m super tired. Ciao. :slight_smile:

Thx for the reply bro.


I honestly think creatine is a much better supplement for an endurance athlete. If you want to gain lean mass, I would suggest creatine to help keep off the fat (IE higher metabolic rate and stamina) while allowing you to do more effective cardio- possibly more frequent HIIT? Otherwise I would use methoxy-7 if you want to gain more LBM without added volume. You won’t get the unbelievable endurance spike but you will get a ridiculous pump and some great fat burning.