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Interesting Reading

Nice to know that our entire industry is being demonized on the ESPN.com front page: http://espn.go.com/page2/s/assael/030307.html

While there is so much trash that would make novels worth of material, they completely avoid all other aspects of the expo. Nice.

Ah yes, another journalist proves once again that anything taken out of context can be put back together to make people look bad.

I’d like to know if Asseal’s gut is bigger than mine…

Yup i’ll give a example.By using only certain parts of these sentences cut up the way i want. “(Moth)s treat each oth(er) with respect, Dr(Theresa) claims. This should influence how we tr(eat) each other(s) friends, People on the other hand keep their emotions (b)ottled up then explode as if they have r(abies)”. Now if you add up all the parts in parenthesis its clear that what this person really said was “Mother Theresa eats babies” Nobel prize right here please!!!