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i feel a strange dearth of sympathy for her… hmmm.

You have to feel bad for her. No need to start poking a person with forks.

“had an alternative body image and unfortunately got wedged as she tried to go through.”

Images don’t get jammed in a doorway, she had a big fat ass. People shouldn’t have forked her but you know it’s probably the only forking she’s gonna get at 600+ lb.

That wasn’t really a very good joke. I should delete it…aw, fuck it.

She was assaulted no doubt. My hope is that she gets the money and spends on losing a few hundred pounds.

Well…I’m speechless. Should I laugh? Should I feel bad? I don’t know what to think.

I do know that if it was Homer Simpson, I would think it was funny.

what the hell?

how did she get stuck? she must have tried to force herself through, which is her own damn fault. i don’t feel at all sorry for her getting stuck. if i come across some hole that i can’t fit right through, i don’t try to force it.

and she’s traumatized because she was called a fat ass? that’s just stating the obvious. go ahead and call me “in shape” and see if i get offended. that’s like a gay guy being offended by being called gay. i forget who said it, but it was funny…go ahead and call me a hetero all you want…it doesn’t bother me lol. if she doesn’t want to be called fat then she should not be fat.

and now everyone has to make sure everything is big enough for these freaks?? 600+ lbs is sick. they’re freaks. i knew a dude that was 400 lbs at 6’1, and he was gigantic. 600+ lbs for a woman is just wrong. there’s no reason for people to have to change things to fit these freaks.

but the poking with forks thing is fucking weird. what the hell is up with that??? weird shit, man.

40 people joined in on this bizarre thing? Those sound like absolutely horrible people and I honestly hope they all end up in jail with Bubba, the well-hung ass-reemer. Just what the hell is wrong with people? I can’t even begin to understand where these people are coming from.

Another thing I can’t understand - spill hot coffee in your lap YOURSELF and get covered in gold.
Get assaulted and STABBED by 40 people just because they can’t use the can, or because they miss the schoolyard too much, that’s worth 20,000$
I?d really enjoy administering the beatings to these people myself.

Still, I have never seen a woman even close to being six hundred pounds, perhaps you just can’t help the stabbing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any woman much over 300.


she’s traumatized because she was called a fat ass? that’s just stating the obvious. go ahead and call me “in shape” and see if i get offended. (morg)

Your reasoning is stupifying, yet hilarious. I love it when people are logical.

oh, and to those that think the miss piggy taunt is mean…

next time I can’t walk through a doorway without turning sideways (this happened once, i swear…but it was a closet or something), call me “arnold” or “the hulk” and see if I get traumitized :D->-<

she is clearly too fuckin fat.

This story is quoted from Weekly World News, which makes the National Enquirer look like Time. I seriously doubt they have ever printed a true story, this is just too bizzare to be believed. See below for a sample of their quality journalism.

My god.

647lbs and she’s traumatized by being called “fat-ass?”

They should have called a liposuction team, not firemen. I feel sorry for the restaurant.

647lbs… I can’t imagine what that would look like.

I think the stabbers will get off. All they have to do is say they thought it was a cow.

This is saddening. A woman couldn’t control herself and grew to 647lbs, then 40 people couldn’t control themselves and act like human beings, so they act like schoolyard bullies.

I would’ve like to have been there.


That situation is fucked.

Billy is right, everybody is just filled with a lack of self control…

Plus, I mean it is in Chicago (big city), the dude could have just exited the restaurant and go to the bathroom in the establishment next door. Is it that hard to walk out of a building and “release” somewhere else?!

Honestly, it’s going to sound wierd, but I can’t tell who is more lazy, the people who did the forking or the lady.

I don’t think assaulting someone like that is called for, it’s out of order.

But surely she weighs 647lbs due to some hereditary problem???,

unless that is she has actually eaten her way to that size, in which case, my smpathies have decreased by a great amount, no one needs to eat that muxh

“Weekly World News” is not a newspaper, it is a comic book.

I once saw the following headline at the checkout counter:


I highly doubt that this happened at all.

Mini-hijack: How DOES someone get over 600lbs???

Sure a medixcl or thyroid condition can cause people to store fat more readily than others, But for crying out loud, you don’t get 600lbs without eating like a pig!!!

Seriously, if your body makes more out of food than other people, great! Think of the money you’ll save. Eat less! Don’t eat the same as normal people. Don’t eat crap!!

We can’t grow 20 lbs of muscle on air alone, we have to eat big to get big!

Maybe I don’t understand this well. I see people all the time that are fat, saying that they’ve tried everything. Oh yeah, how about dedication? Tried that? Ever stick to a plan longer than a month? What’s that in your pocket? A ButterFinger? Get the hell outta here!

Sit down in the mall now that it’s Christmas time, and figure out the ration of overweight to fit people, makes you sick. Anyody see Dr. Phil and his group of fatties. They’re everywhere! At least I heard him telling women that weight training is good for them, he’s not totally full of crap.

It takes a bit of grit to make of yourself what you want to be. Be strong this Christmas, T-Nation.


I just went in the break room to fill my water bottle and some 350lb woman was nuking some Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits. She was joking with another fat chick about how she’d eat more fruit and vegitables if someone else would wash them and cut them up for her first. WTF? You’d rather be morbidly obese because eating cleaner takes too much work? How fucked up is that?

650? I can’t even picture it. I would probably have laughed at her too, but poking her with forks is going a little too far.

647 is way too huge. I can’t imagine her legs would even be able to carry that for more than 4 or 5 feet. This has got to be phony. If it isn’t, and she does not have some medical condition, she deserves to be made fun of for expressing the purest lack of self control. I would stop short of the whole poking with a fork thing.

The reason everyone was stabbing her with forks is because they were trying to let the air out of her. lol! If there was a barbeque buffet on the other side of that doorway she would have chewed her way through. And I don’t think she has a right to sue the restaurant because the restaurant can’t restrain forty angry idiots. Maybe this is the motivation she needs to lose some weight, or at least order takeout.(grin)


That’s good. I guess they could have just slathered BBQ sauce on the door frame and used the “Jaws of a 647lb Woman” rather than the “jaws of life.”