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Interesting Read About Whey Protein



Good article. For once a mainstream "expert" NOT bashing muscle-building products.

An interesting note: "It is important to avoid all whey protein isolates as they contain damaged putrid proteins that are worse than trans fats. When using whey protein powders make sure they are whole food concentrates."


yeah i was really suprised with this quote, its the first time i've heard anything like it.

Every article, book or study i've seen has always classed whey isolate as higher quality than concentrate and the price reflects this. I'm pretty miffed as to why this info about putrid proteins isnt common knowledge. Or if this is even true...


Get readin those references then...


please correct me if i'm wrong mate but i've just a look over the references and there doesnt seem to be one relating to the point about whey isolate and the supposed putrid proteins??

Is it something you're familiar with?


I would like to see some hard evidence of this.



I had a look round for a concentrate that fits the bill of the authors description and what do you know, the main distributer is run by the author. I hate to sound sceptical, but that's a bit dodgy to say the least. Sounds like he's just manipulated a few studies findings to suit his product and then used the article for pulicity.

I dont doubt that grass fed dairy is a million times better than grain fed, but as far as whey is concerned, i dont know how much difference this would really make in terms of the actual quality of the protein and EAA values. As far as other contents such as CLA then yes, i'm sure it is benficial, but lets be honest, none of us take whey for the general health benefits, its for muscle growth/recovery.


Sorry. I should have wrote [sigh] after that. To imply that it sucks to troll through that long list of references when it has been in my experience that references often come up short, as they have in this case.

I am not familiar with this sort of claim at all and I meant no disrespect.


A little digging has shown that Dr. Mercola has traded blows with the FDA over some of the claims he makes for his products. And while that's not necessarily a condemnation, it does alert my discretion concerning his other bold statements.


No worries about the references, and yeah, i dont think i'll be taking Dr. Mercola's claims at face value unless a reliable source backs them up.