Interesting Ratios

Sex: Male
Years Training: 10
Thigh: 23
Max Squat: 435lbs

Height: 6’0
Weight: 193lbs

I was always curious about this ratio also because even though I’m not super strong I always noticed that there are a lot of guys with much larger quads who are much weaker than me. Very frustrating. But after looking at the previous stats I guess I’m where I should be. Anyway here goes; years training 30, circumference 25 inches, max squat 315 5-6 reps(injuries afraid to go higher) 6’0 205 lbs.

Sex: Male
Years Training: 9
Thigh circumference: 31
Max Squat: 655 (450 Front) Olympic style

Height 6’
Weight 277

I’ll give you two sets of numbers. You chose which ones to use.

Sex: M
Years Training: about 6
Thigh circumference: about 25 inches
Max Squat: 405 lbs x 6 (1 RM at the time would probably have been about 485?). This was done raw, slightly bellow parallel, with a powerlifting style.
Height: 5’9 inches
Weight: 165 lbs
Age: 23

I took about 3 years off and have been back at it for about 9 months now.

Using current numbers:

Years Training: about 6 + 9 months
Thigh circumference: 24.25 inches
Max Squat: 345 lbs. This was done raw also. I did it down to slightly bellow parallel with a powerlifting style and later in the week I did the same weight with an Oly style going full. (I was suprised that I am equally strong with both styles?)
Height: still 5’9 inches
Weight: 170 lbs (more BF)
Age: 27

Let us know hoe the stats turn out.

Sex: F
Years Training: 5 seriously
Thigh circumference: 28"
Max Squat: 360 (hit it last week/1st max attempt ever!!)

Sex: Male
Years Training: 6-7
Thigh Circumference: 31-32
Max Squat: 515 ass to grass, I could probably lift higher, but I have some torn knee cartilage and a tailbone injury from several years back…
Height: 6 ft

Height,6 ft

Sex: Male

Years Training: coming up to 3 soon

Thigh circumference: 29 inches at the largest part - lots of fat there :slight_smile:

Max Squat: 365lbs raw Oly fullsquat

Height - 5’9"
Weight- 218lbs

I have crappy nueral effeciency

Sorry I hit the 3 instead of the 2 on my max. Should read 260.

It’s 7.25" erect. Oops, wrong site…

Well, I think that with a bigger sample size it would have turned out better, but my P-value came out to about 0.221 which is insignificant by any standards. Probably has something to do with that Goldberg has the same size thighs as me but squats 300 more lbs.

Anyway thanks for participating and maybe I’ll do a better one later.

You could have had 500 people posting, but with lack of control for other important factors – such as squat depth – you’re not going to get a significant result. The problem is, not finding significance doesn’t mean there is no effect; so you’ve learned nothing. There might be an effect of thigh circumference, or there might not be. You didn’t know before your survey; and you still don’t know.

Let’s say there are 3 big variables that account for 90% of the variance in max squat: squat depth, weight, and thigh circumference. To see the effect of one variable when there are other important variables, you must either control the other variables, or randomize so that they (probably) average out. In this case, you’ve really got to control them.

Sorry for the lecture. I have taught 7 of these classes. I practically lecture about this stuff in my sleep. :slight_smile: Hopefully, your class requires you to have a likely explanation for your findings; and now you’ve got it. :slight_smile:

I think the biggest factor here is training experience. If someones been seriously powerlifting for 2 years compared to someone who’s been BB for 5, then the PL going to kick ass when it comes to 1RM even though the BB might have more hypertrophied legs.