Interesting Ratios

The deal is, I’m doing a statistics project, and I came up with the idea to do thigh circumference and single max squat weight. So, if you’d all be so kind, I need to get some data:

Years Training:
Thigh circumference:
Max Squat:

If you don’t know, it’s fine to estimate. No one is getting the fields medal for this.

Sex: Male
Years Training: 15
Thigh circumference: 29"
Max Squat: 455 lbs - the most I have tried

Oh yeah shouldn’t height be a variable?

Height : 6’6"

Sex: Male
Years Training: 10 give or take
Thigh circumference: 27"
Max Squat: 360 (hopefully 370 tonight!)

Weight: 203lbs
Height : 5’10"

interesting idea, maybe also include a couple more variables? ie weight, height, waste size (never seen one of the really lean guys squat alot at the gym, calf size). this could be a really cool thread.

Sex: m
Years Training: 6 months
Thigh circumference: 24
Max Squat: 280lbs (then my calf pooped on me)

Weight: 181
Height: 6’1
Waist size: 32.5-33
calf size: 14

are these below parallel squats we are talking about here?

Redo for the extra variables!!
Sex: Male
Years Training: 16
Thigh circumference: 29"
Max Squat: 455lbs (the most I have tried)

Weight: 283
Height: 6’6"
Waist size: 38"
calf size: 19.5"

ya, if you only ask for thigh size thats reducing all the data to one variable, i think waist,calf,thigh is good enough for the measurements, what you think?


Dude. This stats project isn’t peer-reviewed and stuff. You should peer review it and add IQ and t-shirt size too.

This is basically a simple second level Data Analysis II course. You simply pick a variable and a predictor and make a hypothesis. So my hypothesis is that thigh circumference has a correlation to squat weight. Then you make a simple regression model to see if there is in fact a correlation. So pretty much all I need is just these variables. You can add height if you want.

Sex: Male
Years Training: 3
Thigh circumference: 29
Max Squat: 420

completely agree with p-dog. The first thing that I thought was ‘how are you standardising the depth of the squat?’ Without doing that (along with height), it really looses any significance. Or if not height, at least leg length, or distance from the middle of the patella to the asis etc.

let us know what your t-stat and r-squared comes out to.

I was thinking that a squat is a squat is a squat. I don’t know how else you’d standardize squat depth except to powerlifting regulations (i.e. the crease in your hip is below the knee joint).

So that will be the standard. Keep posting stats!

sex m
years training 2.5
thigh 27"
squat 385
height 6’4"

sex m
years training 30
thigh 71 cm (28")
squat 200 Kg (440)
height 180cm (5’11")

Sex: Male
Years Training: 20
Thigh circumference: 27."
Max Squat: 620 lbs - the most I have tried

Height 68"
Weight 1675

sully is fucking hyooooooooge! 1675 lbs! jesus christ!


Sex: Male
Years Training: 12
Thigh circumference: 28
Max Squat: 705

Height 72
Weight 270

bump for more data

For what it’s worth:

Sex: Female
Years training: 17. but only 5 with heavy weights.
Thigh: 21-1/2
Squat: 265 lbs.

Weight: 131
Height: 5’6"